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Bradford Freeman signed WWII Band of Brothers Vintage B&W 8x10 Photo COE 506 PIR- 101st ABD- JSA Hologram #DD64531 PSM

Bradford Freeman served with the 101st Airborne, 506th, Easy Company, also known as "Band of Brothers". Mr. Freeman jumped into Normandy in the wee hours of June 6th 1944, again into Holland, and was wounded in the knee at Bastogne. He made it back to Easy Company in time for them to take Hitler's "Eagles Nest". He was a 60mm mortarmen and served under Sgt. "Wild Bill" Guarnere as well as Major. Richard Winters. He was there when "Wild Bill" and Joe Toy got hit at Bastogne, each losing a leg. Bradford Freeman has hand autographed this Vintage B&W 8x10 Photo with COE 506 PIR 101st ABD inscription. JSA Hologram #DD64531 and Certificate of Authenticity.

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