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1985 Chicago Bears Autographed Proline Helmet Ditka +29 Sigs PSM

This is a Chicago Bears full size proline helmet which was personally autographed by 1985 Chicago Bears: Mike Ditka, Richard Dent, Jim McMahon, Mike Singletary, Dan Hampton, Wilber Marshall, Leslie Frazier, Jay Hilgenberg, Willie Gault, Gary Fencik, Jim Covert, Keith Van Horne, Tom Thayer, Mark Bortz, Steve Fuller, Kevin Butler, Mike Tomczak, Steve McMichael. Dennis McKinnon, Henry Waechter, Otis Wilson, Ken Taylor, Reggie Phillips, Enery MooreHead, Dennis Gentry, Jim Morriseey, Thomas Sanders, Clavin Thomas, Maury Buford, and Mike Hartenstine. This helmet includes a certificate of authenticity from Powers Sports Memorabilia.

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