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Deluxe Autograph Signing Pen Starter Kit: Professional Tools for Collectors And Enthusiasts

Pro Autograph Signing Kit

Unlock the Magic of Autographs with Our All-in-One Kit!

Step into the world of professional autographs with our comprehensive Pro Autograph Signing Kit. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just getting started, this kit has everything you need to make every signature count. From jerseys to glossy sports cards, get ready to capture autographs like never before.  This kit has everything you need to prepare your next items for an autograph signing.

What's Inside the Kit?

•    3 Sharpies (Silver, Blue, Black) Our Sharpies are perfect for any item in your collection. Whether it's a photo, or a piece of sports equipment, these permanent markers provide vibrant, long-lasting colors that pop on any surface.

•    2 Paint Pens (Black, Silver) When it comes to helmets, footballs, basketballs, or other textured surfaces, these paint pens are your best friends. With their smooth flow and rich pigmentation, they'll make autographs stand out with striking clarity. The silver paint pen is particularly great for dark-colored items, while the black paint pen works well on light surfaces.

•    1 Blue Ball Point Pen Perfect for baseballs.

•    White Eraser for Surface Prep Get your glossy sports cards (Chrome, Prizm style) ready for autographs with this special white eraser. It creates a slightly tackier surface, helping autographs adhere better and reducing the risk of bleeding. Your autographs will be crisp, clear, and more durable.

•    Post-it Notes for Labeling Keep your items organized for autograph signings with these handy Post-it notes. Label your sports cards, photos, magazines, and tickets with important details like pen color/type, your name, order number, COA (Certificate of Authenticity) location, and any other pertinent information. This ensures a smooth signing process and reduces confusion.

•    Painter's Tape for Larger Items For bigger memorabilia like footballs, jerseys, and basketballs, the included painter's tape is ideal. It sticks securely without leaving residue, allowing you to label larger items with the same critical information as your smaller collectibles. It's also perfect for marking signature placement, ensuring your autographs are exactly where you want them.

Why Choose Our Kit?

•    Versatility With a mix of Sharpies and paint pens, you can confidently sign or collect signatures on virtually any item. From glossy to textured surfaces, we've got you covered.

•    Organization Our Post-it notes and painter's tape help you stay organized, making it easy to manage multiple items at signings. No more lost signatures or confusion about how you want your items signed.

•    Quality You Can Trust Industry standard markers and pens made from high-quality materials, ensuring consistent, reliable performance. 

Get ready to take your autograph collection to the next level with the Pro Autograph Signing Kit. Whether you're at a signing event or just capturing a moment with your favorite athlete, this kit has everything you need to make it memorable. Order now and start building your ultimate collection!