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7 Autographed Jersey Framing Tips + 3 New Autograph Signings - Powers Sports Memorabilia Show #18

March 12, 2019 2 min read

7 Autographed Jersey Framing Tips + 3 New Autograph Signings - Powers Sports Memorabilia Show #18



At some point, most of us will frame an autographed jersey for our collection.  Here are 7 tips to help make that a success for you.

#1 – There is no right or wrong way to design the framing.  You design it how you see fit.  Want photos, great.  Don’t want photos, that’s OK to.  Do what you like, not what someone else likes.

Mario Chalmers Signed Kansas Jayhawks Jersey

#2 – I would suggest staying consistent.   For example, using the same framer or having the same design.  OCD in me, but will make hanging them on your wall look very clean and organized.

#3 Don’t frame it yourself.  You are only going to frame a jersey once, have a professional do it and make it look right the 1st time.  There is a BIG learning curve.

#4 What type of frame should you use?  Here is where you can save some money. I would suggest going with a lighter, and less expensive, non wood frame.  Still very durable. But the cost is WAY LESS than a standard wood frame.  Also, when hanging on your wall you will never be able to tell the difference. Lastly, wood frames I have noticed have a tendency to chip more often.

Black Frame

#5 Use UV protection.Whether that is UV glass or UV plexi, must have UV.  Protect your signature at all costs. I personally like UV plexi, as it has less of a glare and less of a chance of it breaking. Also, it is not as heavy.

#6 What should you expect to pay?A good quality jersey framing can be delivered to your door for $300-400. You should have no problem paying that price. Now, if you were to do some of the higher quality options as described above, UV glass, wood frame, maybe suede matting, that could increase your costs to $600-$700.

Team Signed Super Bowl 52 Wentz Jersey

#7 When displaying your jersey, make sure you keep it out of direct sunlight in a room temperature room. Preferably no sunlight at all.  Sunlight is the enemy to framed sports memorabilia.

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