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Charity Fundraising

So you have been put in charge of finding items for an upcoming charity event you are apart of.  You have been calling business day and night trying to get them to donate items but not having any luck. Frustrating isn't it?

Why don't you let me remove all that pressure and anxiety, while getting you the highest quality sports memorabilia for your auction?  

Here at Powers Sports Memorabilia, I provide items to your charity auction on a consignment basis.  Here is how it works.

Charity Auction Fundraising

1.) You pick out items you want for your event.  Need help doing that?  I got you covered.

2.) I set a minimum bid for your items above our consignment price.  For example, if your consignment price is $90, minimum bid is set at $100.  Any bids $100 and over is pure profit for your auction.  So if that item sells for $200, $110 is profit for you.  Guaranteed to make money on every item that receives a bid.

3.) In the unlikely event an item receives no bids, I simply take the item right on back at $0 cost to you.

So the program is completely 100% risk free.  No money up front and you only pay the consignment price when an item sells.

Plus, you get access to the best quality items in the industry.

Imagine having a Tom Brady autographed jersey at your event?

How cool would that make you look?

How excited would your guests be?

And imagine all that stress from trying to find items just melting away.  

Ready to get started?

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