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Framed Sports Newspapers - An Often Overlooked Collectible

March 20, 2018 2 min read

Philadelphia Eagles Inquirer Super Bowl Framed Newspaper

Autographed sports memorabiliais one of the most popular categories of sports memorabilia.  Who wouldn't want an autograph of your favorite athlete?  

Sometimes, a different and unique item comes along that collectors or gift givers often overlook - the framed front page of a historic moment in sports.

At some point, newspapers will become completely obsolete and no longer printed.  When a collectible is no longer produced, its value automatically increases.  That is the path the newspaper is on.  

Most of us over the age of 40 grew up reading the newspaper.  At least our favorite section, sports! 

I remember eating breakfast every morning go over the box scores from the previous night or reading about an upcoming baseball series.  This is how you got your news before social media.

For those of us who remember doing this, the framed newspaper front page of our favorite sports moment is something we will always identify with, constantly bringing back those memories reading it on the breakfast table.

Imagine growing up a Chicago Cubs fan reading the Chicago Tribune.  When the Cubs won the World Series in 2016, what do you think would be the perfect collectible for that fan?  The cover of next mornings Tribune all framed up!

Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Framed Newspaper

Or a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan.  When the Eagles finally won the Super Bowl, the framed Philadelphia Inquirer is what the old school Eagles fan wants!

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Framed Inquirer Newspaper

Often more affordable that autographs, framed newspapers look stunning hanging up on an office wall or in the man cave.  Prices range from $99 - $139 depending on the rarity of the newspaper.  That's a shipped price!

So next time you want to make a big impact with your next sports memorabilia gift or adding something to your collection, consider the framed newspaper.  They won't be around forever, but the impact they had on your life will.

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