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June 01, 2021 10 min read


So I just made a recent video on the top 20 best looking Michael Jordan cards, in my opinion of course, and people really seemed to enjoy that video and it only seemed natural to do one about Kobe Bryant. Kobe of course is kind of one of the big three I guess you could say of athletes to collect in basketball along with LeBron James and Michael Jordan. So that's what this video is going to be all about. The top 20 best looking Kobe Bryant cards.

Now again I realize this is completely subjective. What I like, you may not like. I tend to like kind of clean looking cards and nice action shots and color parallels. I'm not a big autograph fan here, but again comment below let me know if there is a card that I left off that is your favorite card, but in the interest of keeping this short I had to cut it down to just 20 cards. Also, quick disclaimer, as of the making of this video on February 13, 2021, I do not own any of these cards. So this is not a pump me up video okay. Not trying to sell these cards. So I don't own any of these cards, the goal of this video is just to give you some ideas about some new Kobe cards that you maybe haven't seen before that you can add to your collection, and if you like them great, if you don't like them that's fine too. So this is just for entertainment purposes just to give you some new information. Again, always do your own research and don't listen to some YouTube dummy like me all the time.

So for each card I'm gonna tell you why I like the card, I'm going to give you the latest sale if there is one, if there isn't one I will tell you what the current asking price is, and then I'll also give you what the PSA 10 population report is. So without any further wait let's go ahead and jump into this list.

#20: 1996 Topps - #138

At number 20 is the 1996 Topps card number 138. We've all seen this card. The flagship Kobe rookie. Just a great image of Kobe driving to the hoop. I always kind of envision Kobe driving to the basket. That's what I always liked about his game.

The latest sale on this one as of them making this video on 2/12 was $569, which is actually way lower than what they've been actually going for. I think somebody messed up on that pricing. There have been a couple sales right around that one of about $10,000 so it's pretty much been about a 10k card right now. PSA 10 population report of 2,737 which seems pretty low in my opinion. I think you're going to start seeing a few more PSA 10s pop up there, that's pretty low for a Kobe flagship rookie card.

Interesting story on this card. I did buy one of these ungraded one time for $200 and I ended up selling it as a PSA 10 for $2,000 after I got it graded as a PSA 10.  It’s probably about a 10k card now, but hey quick lesson, don't get super greedy. If you can double your money at a certain point, great! Move on, get the next card, but don't try to time the market. You're never going to get it 100% accurate, but if you can get 10x on a card that's a pretty good time to go ahead and sell that card.

This particular design is also available in Topps Chrome and also has a refractor too, which are very expensive cards. So those ones are in very high demand, but if you can't get those then the Topps base rookie is just fine as well.

#19: 2005 SP Authentic - #38

The 2005 SP Authentic card number 38. I love this action shot of Kobe going up for a dunk in that number eight jersey. Cool team color in the background with the purple. A very clean image which is kind of what SP was kind of known for, at least in my opinion. Kind of very clean designs.

The last sale on this was on February 7th for only $205. So not bad for a PSA 10 Kobe. A population of only 44 on this card.

#18: 2006 SP Authentic - #37

Number 18 is a 2006 SP Authentic card number 37. I just love SP Authentic. I think it's kind of an undervalued kind of set there. Another great action shot of Kobe in the number eight jersey which I love. I love young Kobe picks on that number eight jersey. Team colors, clean image.

Last sale on this one was $199 on February 10th. PSA 10 pop of only 50. So again if you can find this card ungraded and get them graded, I think you've got a lot of room on these ones. They're very clean and I like the design of them.

#17: 2008 Topps Chrome - #24

Number 17 is a 2008 Topps Chrome number 24. Any image with Kobe and LeBron on the same card has got to be on this list, right? I mean the 2008 Topps Chrome is becoming an iconic set along with a 2003 Topps Chrome because of Wade and LeBron and Carmelo Anthony, but the Topps Chrome brand in general is just really great. I love Topps Chrome especially on the baseball side as well.

Last sale on this one was $11,350 for a PSA 10 on February 11th. PSA 10 pop of only 181. Also available in the non-Chrome with a recent sale of that one at $4,000. I think I had that card at one time. I'm pretty sure I sold it for a $1,000 and I think I thought I was doing great, and I was doing great, but it's always fun to reflect back on some of these cards and see what you sold yours for. It's just an incredible card, I love this card. If you can afford to pick this one up, it’s one of my favorites on this list.

#16: 1996 Skybox Premium - #55

Number 16 is a 1996 Skybox Premium card number 55. Another great young image of Kobe doing a reverse layup, wearing that number eight jersey. You're gonna kind of see a theme on here. Young Kobe picks. I think those are great. I’m a big fan of the Skybox brand. Love them, especially those 1990 skybox ones, those are just incredible as well. I love how the balls all lit up.

Last sale was $1,850 on February 12th. PSA 10 population of 625.

#15: 1996 UD3 - #43

1996 UD3 card number 43. Love this image of him dunking. The back of his jersey just looks very sleek. He's all by himself. I mean just a slick card.

Last sale on this one was $1,700 on 2/8 and PSA 10 population of 108 on this card.

#14: 1997 Topps - #171

Number 14 on this list is the 1997 Topps card number 171. Seeing the theme here. Great image of Kobe dunking, that number eight jersey again. Second year Topps card, so again one that's really kind of picked up a lot of momentum.

Last sale was $1,399 on February 12th. PSA 10 pop of only 147. A very underrated card. Just a great image.

#13: 1996 Finest - #74

Number 13, 1996 Finest card number 74. Awesome image of Kobe going up for a dunk, mouth wide open, just going for it. I love it. Rookie year card. Also available with or without the coating and also as a refractor. So as you get kind of into that refractive stage, those are going to increase in value. Some people like the cards with the coating on those and others prefer without. Again, kind of the hardcore people that think a card shouldn't be altered.

So I like it with the coating on there, but again completely up to you. You guys do what you want. Last sale on this particular one was $5,400 on February 13th. PSA 10 population of 894. I'd say a higher population. They're still pretty low for a Kobe rookie card.

#12: 1998 Topps Chrome Coast To Coast Refractor - #CC1

Number 12, the 1998 Topps Chrome Coast To Coast Refractor card #CC1. Awesome graffiti on this card. I just think it's kind of different, something to kind of break up the monotony there. I love the basketballs in the background. Nice clean action shot of a young Kobe. It's also available as a non-refractor as well.

Last sale on this card was $5,450 on February 5th. PSA 10 population report of only 33.

#11: 1998 UD Choice - #69

11 here is the 1998 UD Choice card #69. Very clean image of Kobe going up for a dunk all by himself. Love this one.

Last sale was $255 on February 5th. Nice price for a nice good action shot of Kobe. Has a PSA 10 pop of only 38.

#10: 1996 Finest - #269

Number 10 on this list is the 1996 Finest card number 269. This is just a gorgeous card. The gold matching up with the border which I love. Team colors, that is just iconic. I will overpay for team colors all the time just because I like the way they look. Reverse layup dunk image. It's got that kind of stained glass feel that you see in a lot of cards nowadays. Again, rookie year also available as a refractor and with the coating on or off.

Last sale on this particular card was $10,100 on December 30th of 2020 so it's been a little bit. PSA 10 pop of only 38, and that's probably explain the price.

#9: 2003 Topps Chrome - #36

Number 9 in this list, the 2003 Topps Chrome number 36. I like this one again because of LeBron, Carmelo, Dwayne Wade's rookie year. Great solo image of Kobe. Solo images can be very highly undervalued I think. I like pictures of just the player on there, not with a bunch of crazy backgrounds.  really do like this one, again Topps Chrome already talked about that becoming an iconic brand.

Last sale was $1,500 on February 12th. PSA 10 population of 129.

#8: 2003 Topps Pristine Refractor - #8

Number eight on this list the 2003 Topps Pristine Refractor number 8. This one is actually numbered to 149. Love the overall design of this. Got kind of that space feel and I don't know what is with space and basketball, maybe it's because of space jam with Jordan, but I love the connection between those two. Got Lakers in the big print.

I couldn't find a sold listing on this one but there is one that is available for sale and as of the making of this video it was at $15,000. PSA 10 pop of 4, that's probably why I couldn't find one that's sold. It's just a great card.

#7: 1997 Ultra Gold Medallion - #1G

Number seven 1997 Ultra Gold Medallion card number 1G. Digging the colors on this card here. Kobe's uniform just pops off on this one. Again another young Kobe dunk image. Solid second year card.

No recent sales but there's one that's listed at $12,500. Same thing as the previous card PSA 10 population of 7 so if you're one of those seven people out there that own it, congratulations, you got a great card.

#6: 2007 Topps Chrome - #24

Number six, 2007 Topps Chrome card number 24. This is one of the best images of Kobe. I just really love this one. Reverse layup, horizontal image, how cool is this photographer on this one? How cool is this card? Kevin Durant's rookie year.

Last sale on this one you're looking at like a $1,000 on February 9th. Not terrible pricing. PSA 10 population at 42. I can imagine by the time you see this video the pricing on this card has gone way up.

#5: 1997 SPX Die Cut - #22

Number five, 1997 SPX Die Cut card number 22. I'm usually not a fan of die-cut cards. In fact I don't like them. They're very difficult to grade, they have so many edges, and it's just sometimes they do them like star shapes and they just look kind of funny, but this one kind of does it for me. I think it's because it looks kind of like a three-point line on a basketball court. I don't know, that's kind of what does it for me.

Last sale on this one was $8,500 on January 31st. PSA 10 population of only 55 out of the 745 that have been graded. I mean it’s just almost impossible to get a PSA 10 on this card.

#4: 1997 Flair Showcase Row Number 1 - #18

Number four the 1997 Flair Showcase Row Number 1, card number 18. I love the dual image of Kobe here. I'm a big fan of dual images. Team colors on this one as well. Nice action shot of him doing a dunk.

Couldn't find a recent sale on this one but the last one listed was for $10,000. PSA 10 pop of only 12 out of the 76 graded. I mean just a tough one to find.

#3: 2016 Panini Select Silver Prizm - #293

Number three is more of a modern card here. The 2016 Panini Select Silver Prizm. Just a great image of Kobe with the trophies. I mean Kobe known for winning championships. You got to have a card with Kobe in championships just like you got to have a Jordan card in the number 45 jersey. Silver Prizm which everybody kind of goes crazy over. He's got that nice little reflective coating on it.

Last sale $1,625 on December 17, 2020. PSA 10 pop only 26, so a very difficult card to find.

#2: 1998 Topps Gold Label - #GL3

Number two on this list is the 1998 Topps Gold Label number GL3. Boy, card numbers are all over the place. Why can't we just get numbers for everything? Why we gotta do all this crazy stuff? Anyways, it's got the gold on it. Anything gold with Kobe's got to be on this list. Again, I talked about team colors.

Last sale on this one was $1,030 on February 16th. PSA 10 pop of only 34. Very nice pricing on that card.

#1: 2006 Topps Chrome - #129

Number one on this list the 2006 Topps Chrome card number 129. Awesome image of Kobe shooting a fade away. How many times in your driveway as a kid growing up did you shoot a fade away yelling Kobe? Kobe is known for shooting that fade away as well. Nice clean design with a number 24 on it.

Last sale on this one was $635 on February 1st and a PSA 10 population of only 27. Just a very cool card. Again, I love those Topps Chromes. They just are such a great design card in my opinion.

So hopefully you guys like this list. Let me know if there's any particular cards that you really like that other collectors should know about that have a really great design!

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