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LUKA DONCIC Rookie Cards You Can AFFORD and Make Money!

October 19, 2020 2 min read

LUKA DONCIC Rookie Cards You Can AFFORD and Make Money!

Luka Doncic is blowing up the NBA.  Today we discuss his top 5 rookie cards and why you need to get them TODAY! Plus, I will give you one sleeper pick at the end.

Luka Doncic is in just his 2nd season and is already averaging near a triple double.   As of 8/7/20, he averaged 29 points, 9.4 rebounds, and 8.8 assists per game.  This is just incredible for such a young player.

If you have seen any of my recent videos you know I am very high on Luka.  His future just seems limitless.  Only 21 years old, plays on the solid Dallas Mavericks team, an international star, and has everything going for him.

As you know, the basketball card market has been on FIRE lately.  Seems like every card is increasing in value rapidly, and Luka has been no exception.

What are his top 5 rookie cards you should be picking up? 

To keep it simple, in today’s video I am only discussing PSA 10 graded base cards.  No autographed or parallel cards, just the standard base card from a particular set.  Sales info will be from the last 30 days covering July 8-August 7, 2020. For reference, this information comes from the MarketMovers.com software pulls information from eBay.

How did each card make this list?  Had to meet a few criteria.

#1 High Demand

#2 Good looking card

#3 Increasing in value

With that being said, let’s just get right into the list:

#5 2018 Donruss Card #177

Not the best-looking image, but a highly sought-after card.  26% price increase, 158 sold, average price $345.  Not one of my favorites due to its design, but nonetheless, a card people want.  2,582 PSA 10, 72% rate

#4 2018 Panini Mosaic Card #68

This is an interesting card.  Mosaic’s 1st year as a stand-alone product, and not as an insert, is 2019.  I really like the design of this card.   44% increase, 32 sold, $1,007 average selling price.  Only 360 PSA 10, with a 70% rate.


#3 2018 Panini Optic Card #177

The same exact card as #5, but in the optic set.   59% increase, 126 sales, $630 average selling price.  2,229 PSA 10, 50% PSA 10 rate. 


#2 2018 Panini Select Courtside Level Card

#229Select brand has solidified itself as 2nd tier, right behind the Prizm brand.  Both, a very solid Panini brand.  Love the image on this card.  42% price increase, 8 sales, $3,390 average selling price.  114 PSA 10, 75% graded that.  Tough to find.  Rarity is going to be increasing with this card over time.  Big $$$.


#1 2018 Panini Prizm Card #280

This is THE iconic base card for Luka.  49% increase in price over last 30 days.  487 have sold and a $1,060 average selling price!  The demand is HOT for this one.  12,443 PSA 10, 65% PSA 10 rate.

Sleeper pick time! 

I really like how the Panini Revolution product looks, card #128.  I think it is a highly underrated set.  Clean lines, nice shine to it.   Increased 50% over last 30 days, 16 sales, average price, $463 average sales price.  316 PSA 10, 68% rate.

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