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May 24, 2021 10 min read


Well today's kind of a fun little video and I had a good time researching this one. Today's video is all going to be about the top 20 best looking Michael Jordan cards out there. Now there are a ton of Jordan cards. He's obviously one of the most collected guys out there, and it can be really overwhelming. So the purpose of today's video is just to kind of shed some light on maybe a few cards that maybe you haven't seen before, that you may consider adding to your collection. For this particular video I'm only doing Chicago Bulls cards. No autograph cards. So just real straightforward. Keeping it really simple here, and also I do realize that this is completely subjective. So what I think is good may not be what you think is good, so please don't get mad at me if I leave out your favorite Jordan card. I can only put 20 in this list so we're just not going to do a whole hour long video. These are some really cool cards here.

Before I get started here though just know that I'm gonna probably be saying “love this design”, “that's a sharp card”. I'm probably gonna be saying that a lot, so I do apologize in advance. There's gonna be a couple expensive ones on here and there's also gonna be some really affordable ones. Some that you can probably pick up today and feel really comfortable about. So without any further wait let's go ahead and jump into this list. Make sure you stick around to the end because I'm going to give you a bonus card that is absolutely iconic as well.

#20: 1986 Fleer - #57

So number 20 on this list. It's a card that really needs no introduction at all. The 1986 Fleer card number 57. Last sale has been north of $200,000. That's just insane. I mean my gosh. I mean great card though, but I mean $200,000. In 2021 here PSA 10 POP of 317. I don't need to tell you anything about this card. It's probably one of the most iconic Jordan cards, if not the most iconic one out there. It's got some great color to it. Bulls team colors. I love the design on this one, Jordan going up for a dunk there. Doesn't need any more explanation on that one.

#19: 1998 Finest Refractor - #81

Number 19 is the 1998 Finest Refractor card number 81. I wasn't able to find a last sale on this one but there's one available right now at $27,500. PSA 10 POP of only 15 on this guy, 15. That's incredible. It's just a great look of him under the basket. I really like that. I like his name going up on the right side. Topps Finest Refractors are very sought after so if you don't like this one from this particular year there are numerous other years that you can look at. They've got some with the coating and without the coating, so some very cool options with the Finest Refractors.

#18: 1993 Ultra Scoring Kings - #5

Card number 18 is the 1993 Ultra Scoring Kings card number 5. Again not able to find the last sale on this one but as of the time in this video there was one available for $25,000. PSA 10 POP of only 96. Jordan's shooting a fade away. I mean listen, Jordan is obviously known for his dunks but the fade away is another one that he's known for. I love the lightning in the background here, it just really doesn't get much better than that. I love lightning images. I don't know why, but I just think they make everything a sharp looking card.

#17: 1993 Finest Refractor - #1

Number 17 is the 1993 Finest Refractor number 1. I wasn't able to find the last sale on this one but there's one available for $21,000. PSA 10 of only 41. There's also a non-Refractor of this one that sells for about $700 as a PSA 10. So keep that in mind if you're looking at this card here, and there's a bunch of other great options as well, but again love the color on this card. It's just a great image of Jordan with the ball and I'm all about those action images and this one is absolutely stunning here.

#16: 1998 Skybox Premium Soul of the Game - #1

Number 16 is the 1998 Skybox Premium Soul of the Game card number 1. I had not seen this card before. The last sale on this one was $3,051 back in November of 2020. PSA 10 POP of only 47. I just love the graffiti look of this card. Just a nice image of Jordan in action with that red jersey. I love cards with that red jersey. It's just a slick looking card. I mean this card isn't going to be for everybody, but the graffiti kind of look of it is just absolutely freaking cool.

#15: 1997 Bowman’s Best Atomic Refractor - #96

Number 15 is the 1997 Bowman's Best Atomic Refractor card number 96. No recent sales on this one, that's kind of how it is with some of these expensive cards here, and the low POP cards as well, but there's one available at $6,800. POP report shows PSA 10s at 21.  I really dig the color on this card and the basketball in the background. It's a solid action shot. You can easily see the number 23 on the jersey which I know is not really that big of a deal, but I like seeing a nice clean front of the jersey or the back of the jersey. Again, love the red jersey as well on particular cards but this one looks very nice.

#14: 1992 Upper Deck - #23

At 14 is the 1992 Upper Deck card number 23. Recent sale of only $270. Nice and affordable PSA 10 on Jordan. PSA 10 POP of only 610. It's not a crazy design like Williamson’s rookie cards out there, but it's just a great image. Jordan going up for dunk, there's no one else around him. He's wearing that red jersey, and a side note, the card number is also his jersey number too which I think is kind of fun. I think that's kind of cool when those match up as well.

#13: 1990 Fleer - #26

Number 13 is the 1990 Fleer card number 26. Recent sale $350, another affordable card. PSA 10 POP on this one though is 3,529 so it's actually quite high. Design wise this is one of the better ones out there. It's a fantastic image, Jordan dunking in this red jersey, the bulls logos on the top left-hand corner, and it's also got Scottie Pippen right behind in there so that's another added bonus for this particular card.

#12: 1995 Skybox Premium - #278

Number 12, 1995 Skybox Premium number 278. Recent sale about $1,300. PSA 10 POP of only 56 so just a nice price for this card with that low POP as well. The design I say is electric. I love the lightning bolts on the card. I'm digging the overall green kind of grayish black color as well. A bulls red team color background would have been cool, but again I see what they're trying to do, they're trying to match kind of a sky kind of gloomy tornado kind of look. So it works for that aspect.

#11: 1995 Upper Deck Electric Court - #137

Number 11 is a 1995 Upper Deck Electric Court card number 137. This is the gold version here. I couldn't find the last sale in this one but the current pricing is about $1,838. They do make a non-gold version which you can get for about $155 last I saw. PSA 10 POP of only 7 on the gold and 24 on the non-gold. Reasons why I like this one. I love young Jordan pick anything, young Jordan is absolutely cool. I just love seeing pictures of him like that. Old school uniform and just a nice action shot of him passing and also it's got his 84 to 85 rookie years on the card. So that's a very cool little card.

#10: 1997 Metal Universe - #23

Number 10 the 1997 Metal Universe number 23. Last sale on this one was $5,500 in November of 2020. PSA 10 POP of only 103. I mean come on look at this card. The ball is on fire alright. He's in space, kind of like space jam. I mean does it get any better from a color perspective on this one and also card number is also 23, matches his jersey number.

#9: 1994 Finest with Coating - #331

Number 9 Michael Jordan 1994 Finest with the coating, card number 331. This is the non-Refractor. Last sale $600 in December 2020. PSA 10 POP of 181. Of course you can also get this card as the Refractor and with or without the coating. You got to have a card with Jordan in the number 45 jersey. Obviously that's a big deal for when he changed his number and of course in the Jordan realm of bulls cards you got to have one with the number 45. Just a nice image. Again, you can clearly see the jersey number 45. I dig that as well

#8: 1992 Topps Archives - #52

Number 8, one of my favorites here, 1992 Topps Archives card number 52. Last sale was $585 in January of 2021. PSA 10 POP of 299, so not bad in this card. I mean just look at this card. It's just a young Jordan going up for dunk and that throwback red jersey. It's got Bulls on the left side, clean sharp looking card. I mean come on, and this is a great price right here I think under $600 and a low POP. Great image. These cards are tough to grade.

#7: 1995 Ultra Double Trouble - #3

Number 7, 1995 Ultra Double Trouble card number 3. Last sale $250 in January 2021. PSA 10 population report of only 75.  You know how I feel about team colors and I'm digging this one because of that, and also because of the two images of Jordan. It's just a solid insert card.

#6: 1996 Skybox Premium - #16

Number 6 is the 1996 Skybox Premium card number 16. Last sale $460 in January of 2021. PSA 10 POP of only 174. Just an awesome image of him and Scottie Pippen. I love when other hall of famers are in the image. The ball is lighting up here, he's got his red jersey going up for a dunk. It's just a sharp looking card.

#5: 1999 Upper Deck MG A Higher Power - #MJ5

Number 5 on this list here is the 1999 Upper Deck MJ A Higher Power card number MJ5. No recent sales on this one, but there is one currently available for $778 dollars. A POP report of only two, that's awesome. Now there are other variations of this card in other images with different card numbers but kind of a similar design to them as well, so be sure and check those out if you can't get this particular card, but the background's got number 23 on there which is awesome. He's going up for a dunk, it's got kind of a cool foil kind of Refractor feel or look to it. I mean it's just a stunning looking card.

#4: 1992 Upper Deck MVP - #67

Number 4, 1992 Upper Deck MVP number 67. This is a very underrated card in my opinion. Recent January 2021 sale of $77, that's incredible. PSA 10 POP of 330. Again I love the white and the red jersey. Going off for a dunk. Got the MVP on there which Jordan won five of them. Of course he won back to back ones in the 91 - 92 season which of course is what this card is all about. Just a sharp card here.

#3: 1990 Skybox - #41

At number 3, the 1990 Skybox card number 41. Oh boy, last sale on this one was $250 January 2021. PSA 10 POP of 710. One of my favorite cards from my teenage years. I remember opening Skybox. I love the designs of all the cards from this set. Absolutely just iconic in my opinion. It's just got kind of that different background than you've seen with all the other cards. It's got kind of this space kind of feel too which Skybox is kind of known for a little bit, but I just love all the cards from this set. They're just a solid image of again Jordan going up for a dunk.

#2: 1996 Fleer Metal - #241

Number 2 is the 1996 Fleer Metal card number 241. Last sale on this one was January 2021 for $300. PSA 10 POP report 128. Jordan's shooting a fade away which, I mean, come on, how many of you all practiced the fade away, shooting in your own driveway. Why? Because of Jordan right? I mean Jordan is known for that fade away. Simple, clean design, showing off that red jersey as well. I like the price and the population on this particular.

#1: 1990 Hoops - #65

Lastly card number 1, the 1990 Hoops card number 65. We can't leave hoops off this list. Last sale $234 January 2021. PSA 10 POP of 366. This is a clean card. Very clean card. The gray border really kind of makes Jordan kind of stand out there. Really showcases him. Again, he's going up for a dunk and that red jersey. It’s got the Bull’s logo on there. His names in red, love it. I don't think it gets much better than that one.

All right bonus card time. This one is an expensive one, but it is one that when you get some coin, you win the lottery, or whatnot, you got to have this one in your collection. This is the 1985 Nike Promo card. The last sale I saw on this one for PSA 10 was about last year for $12,493. I think it's kind of a bargain to be honest with you. The PSA 10 POP on this one is 167. I mean it's a stunning image of Jordan. He's doing the Jordan logo, I mean does it get much better than that? It's got the air Jordan logo in the top corner. I mean it's technically not a Bull’s card, it's a promo card, but he's doing the actual Jordan logo which is I think could be one of the most top five famous logos of all time. I mean if you get some cash in your hand and you can afford this card and you're not going to debt forever or whatever and you can do it, I would do it. I think this card is absolutely way cool.

So hope this helps you guys with your Jordan card collection list. There's some really cool ones on there!

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