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Selling SPORTS CARDS? 5 Ways to use COMC to Make YOU $$$ - Hint, it's easy, anyone can do it

April 25, 2022 4 min read

Selling SPORTS CARDS? 5 Ways to use COMC to Make YOU $$$ - Hint, it's easy, anyone can do it

Today we are going to be talking about a platform that's going to help you make some money selling, and also save you a little bit of money buying our favorite thing, sports cards. The platform I'm talking about is COMC, which stands for Check Out My Cards. We're going to talk about 5 ways that they can help you make money and also save you money as well. It's a really great platform. I use it all the time.

Full disclaimer here. I am not an influencer here. I don't get paid from COMC to make this. I don't have an affiliate code for you to save you $10 by signing up.  I've got nothing for you. I'm very, very sorry, but I have some information for you that’s free of charge.

Let’s talk about these 5 things and just jump right into this

#1 COMC offers cheap ungraded cards. Type in LeBron James, for example. You can see cheap cards here for under a dollar. These are not going to be cards that you are going to be sending to Goldin Auctions and get these things posted on their site for $10,000. There is going to be a step-by-step process in order to make money doing this. You're going to have to buy these, get them graded over at CSG. They've got a new slab now, so check that out. But my gosh, you can buy a card of LeBron James going up for dunk for $1, you can get those graded at CSG for 11 bucks, so you're going to be into them for $13. Then, you sell this card, graded, for $20. I mean, come on people. That’s cheap  

Let's say you need some cheap cards for an autograph signing. Ozzie Smith, we got him coming up for a signing soon. You can type in his name, filter for his rookie cards, and see all the options. You can sort by price or quality of the card, like poor condition, good condition, etc.  It's a great way to get cards for an autograph signing. 

#2 You want to sell your cards here. How you would do this is go to your accounts inventory dashboard manager, and you can see all the ungraded cards that you've sent in to them. I send in all the cards that I don't want to get graded or that I dont want to use for autograph signings. You just set the price and they sell it for you. They do the scanning and will list it for you on eBay if you want. Again, they do everything for you. They're basically a selling platform and fulfillment center all in one place.

Just click start a new submission, click some legal buttons, make sure to send in just the family-friendly type of cards. You can choose if you want to setup the card for eBay or COMC auctions that they run on their website. I always just go with the 16 week turnaround time for $0.50 a card. 

 #3 You can buy and sell cards and never have to see the cards. Let’s use Dennis Rodman for example. Let's say you thought Dennis Rodman was going to be going up in value for some reason. You want to see if you can buy some cards here and sell them right back on the COMC platform. Let’s use a Dennis Rodman PSA six for example. Looking on eBay it looks like the cheapest one right now is $35. COMC is cheaper by actually by about $9.

You can buy this Dennis Rodman card a bit cheaper on COMC, either outright or through an auction if one of those is going on. Keep in mind with COMC auctions, you have to have the money you bid available in your store credit. It's not like eBay where you can bid a number and deposit that money later. You must have the funds already available on COMC to bid on the item. 

Let’s say you made an offer, it was accepted or you bought it. Now you can just relist it on your COMC account. You can go back into your inventory dashboard that we talked about before, and set the price that you want to sell the card. Boom. Done. Never have to take ownership. It just switches right to you.

Also, you should be aware that, when you're selling cards on COMC, some people like to use COMC more than say eBay, and they are willing to pay a higher price because they have a COMC credit with them. They'd rather use that COMC credit from selling cards, rather than having to deal with eBay and paying cash.  Price is obviously the most important thing on COMC, but sometimes you can still sell stuff for higher prices than eBay because people have this credit with COMC. 

#4 Quick sales. If you have a card that is of high value, one that people are interested in, LaMelo Ball 2020 Prizm for example. This is a card that people really want to buy. If you're selling this card cheap at say $29 dollars, you'll sell this card in minutes or hours. It's very, very quick, rather than going to eBay and letting it sit on there for awhile. Granted, eBay has more customers than COMC. You’re going to usually find more buyers here who are looking for quick deals.

#5 This is a really big one. COMC saves you a bunch of time. Let’s go with LeBron James as another example. Let's say you go to eBay and type in LeBron James, what pops up? 47,000 results, mainly cards, but you're going to have a whole bunch of other stuff on here too. You're going to have jerseys. You're going to have autographed stuff. It's just very confusing sometimes because there is a lot going on. Plus, you've got these crappy images. Going back to COMC, they scan the cards for you, so it’s all the same quality images. If you're interested in a card, it's all in one place. Now keep in mind they do have some cards where it says "items stored remotely,” don't buy those. It'll take forever to get the item.

Easy to use website. It saves you a bunch of time with these great filter options they have. You can easily see parallels or other similar cards. I definitely would strongly consider using COMC. Play around with it, have some fun and go make some money.

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