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The Powers Sports Memorabilia Show - 2 Baseball Autographs You Have to Add to Your Collection Today?

October 31, 2018 2 min read

The Powers Sports Memorabilia Show - 2 Baseball Autographs You Have to Add to Your Collection Today?

Often get asked which baseball autographs do I see going up in value soon?  Well, here are two that show promise.  That's today's topic in episode 11 of The Powers Sports Memorabilia Show.



Let's start with Willie Mays.  Why did I choose him?

Mays is a top 5 baseball player of all-time.  Period.  He is a MUST have autograph for your collection.

Let's just talk about his stats for a 2nd.  24 x All-Star, league MVP, HOF 79, Rookie of the Year, 1951 World Series champion.  Not to mention 660 home runs.

Mays was your prototypical 5 tool player.

Besides stats and being a top 5 player of all-time, why collect Mays?

He made one of the most iconic catches in baseball history, simply known as "THE CATCH."  Famous image at the Polo Ground in New York where he makes an over the shoulder catch.

When collecting Mays though, you need to make sure of just one thing.

Always buy an autograph of his with a third party authentication COA, such as JSA, PSA, or Beckett.  Do not purchase any item with just a Mays Hologram.  There were some issues with those holograms.  Some are good, some are not.  Just make it easy on yourself and stay away.

With that being said, what autographed item of his do you get?  Willie Mays Autographed Baseball

I would always suggest having THE CATCH in your collection.  Also, any item with an inscription such as HOF or SAY HEY are highly collectible, but tough to find.


Who is my 2nd player you must have in your collection?

Ronald Acuna Jr of the Atlanta Braves.

Potential 2018 NL Rookie of the Year.  This guy has potential!  What do I love most about him?  Well, his price naturally. 

Right now you can pick up Acuna autographed baseballs for around $119. 

ronald acuna autographed baseball price

Keep in mind when buying Acuna autographs he has 2 different types of signatures.  His signing signature is much longer and looks like below.  His in person signature is must shorter.

Ronald Acuna Jr Autographed Baseball


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