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The Powers Sports Memorabilia Show - What is an IP Autograph, Ken Griffey Jr Autograph Signing, and Patrick Mahomes Blowing Up!

October 19, 2018 3 min read

The Powers Sports Memorabilia Show - What is an IP Autograph, Ken Griffey Jr Autograph Signing, and Patrick Mahomes Blowing Up!

Episode 10 of The Powers Sports Memorabilia Show. 3 topics for you today.

1.) What is an IP autograph and should you collect them?

2.) Ken Griffey Jr autograph signing accepting your items!

3.) Patrick Mahomes - the hottest autograph in the NFL.


IP autographs, let's talk about these for a moment.

#1 What is an IP autograph?

IP stands for in-person, meaning the autograph was obtained in-person at a game,, airport, or some other event.  They are not from a paid, sit down autograph signing, but rather obtained at these venues.  An autograph chaser is what this person is often called.  

What are the benefits of buying IP autographs?

 The biggest benefit is the cost.  Since most of the time the autograph is not paid for, the only cost involved is the item itself and the time involved to get the autograph.  

Also, at times the only way to get an athlete's autograph is via IP if they won't do a paid sit down signing.

What are the negatives of buying IP?

Sometimes you get a crappy autograph, it isn't signed where you want it, the pen sucks, I could go on and on.  Now these things don't happen all the time, but can be quite common.  

Generally speaking, you can't get inscriptions.  Occasionally, an athlete will hook you up with one, but those are quite rare.

Also, the autograph is obviously not been authenticated in person by JSA, PSA, or Beckett.  They can be authenticated later, but haven't been witnessed by one of those 3 companies.

When do you buy IP autographs?

If you can't afford the paid autograph of the athlete or you don't want to wait for their next signing.  

Athlete just doesn't do paid signings, so only way to get him is IP.

Lower end autograph you need to fill a spot in your collection.

You are very confident in your autograph expertise.  For example, if you are buying a Mickey Mantle autograph that has not been authenticated, you better be sure you can spot a real Mantle autograph.

When to not buy IP autographs?

Typically, when you want a higher end autograph that is known to come with a certain authentication.  For example, Tom Brady comes with TRISTAR, Michael Jordan and LeBron James come with UDA.  Plus, those 3 guys are notorious tough signatures IP.

If you are not familiar with an athletes autograph, always best to buy something 1st person authenticated.  Meaning a representative from JSA, PSA, or Beckett was present for the signing and witnessed the athlete signing your item.

How do you know you are buying an IP autograph?

Typically, the signature will be 3rd party authenticated by JSA, PSA, or Beckett using their non witness cert.  See below.


A signature that is witnessed by them will have different text on it stating they witnessed the signature.  See below.


Also, you can generally tell by the cheaper pricing, sloppier autograph, and at times odd placement.


#2 Ken Griffey Jr. Autograph Signing Accepting Mail Order Items

 For the first time ever, Ken Griffey Jr. is having an autograph signing where customers can send in their own items to be signed.  Not cheap, pricing starts at $200 and goes up from there.

There is a 10/23/18 deadline on this signing.  If you do not have an item to send in, items are available for purchase.



#3 Patrick Mahomes absolutely crushing the NFL!  Autograph blowing up!

From a guy in his 2nd season in the league and looks like a teenager, he has certainly proven himself to be the best young quarterback in the NFL.

Patrick Mahomes

Just a few months ago he was a $59 autograph.  Now?  Authentic full size helmets have been selling for $499.  That's how hot his autograph is!

Patrick Mahomes Autographed Football Sports Memorabilia

His next autograph signing won't be cheap, but will certainly be better than where his current pricing is.  Stay tuned for details when they arise!

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