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Top 10 Heisman Trophy Autographs - Powers Sports Memorabilia Show

September 07, 2018 4 min read

Top 10 Heisman Trophy Autographs - Powers Sports Memorabilia Show

Everyone loves having Heisman Trophy autographs in their collection.  Have you ever thought about who are the best ones to have?  Well, here is your list of the Top 10 Heisman Trophy sports memorabilia autographs you MUST have in your collection.

So how do you get on this list besides just winning the Heisman Trophy?  Here are the 4 criteria.

1.) Must have been good in college and the NFL.

2.) Stats, stats, stats.  Had to put up big numbers.

3.) Popular.  People got to want your autograph.

4.) Available autograph and affordable.

#10 Earl Campbell




earl campbell heisman trophy autograph

Former Texas Longhorn superstar.  1977 Heisman Trophy winner.  College and Pro Football Hall of Fame member.  5 x Pro Bowl selection.  Very affordable autograph.  

 #9 Tony Dorsett

tony dorsett heisman trophy autograph

1976 Heisman Trophy winner out of the University of Pittsburgh.  Played for the legendary Dallas Cowboys.  Won a Super Bowl with them and is also in the College and Pro Football Hall of Fame.  His Dallas Cowboys memorabilia is always very popular among collectors.


#8 Bo Jackson

He was a tough one to put on this list.  Great college player, could have been a great pro player had it not been because of the injuries.  1985 Heisman Trophy winner out of Auburn.  

bo jackson auburn heisman trophy autograph

Bo is mainly on this list because of his popularity.  He is arguably the most popular player on this list.  Just didn't have the pro stats to back it up for this list.

Not only does his Auburn autograph sell very well, but his Raiders items seem to be some of the most popular.  Member of the College Football Hall of Fame.

#7 Tim Brown

Mr consistency on and off the field.  Just an overall great dude.

1987 Heisman Trophy winner out of Notre Dame.  Of course became a 9 x Pro Bowl selection for the Oakland Raiders.  Had a chance at that Super Bowl ring but didn't quite get it.

Tim Brown Heisman Trophy Autograph

Member of the College and Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Very affordable autograph.  Just like Bo Jackson, his Raiders sports memorabilia seems to sell very well.  



#6 Roger Staubach

Only member of this list to play for the Armed Forces, Navy.  1963 Heisman Trophy winner.  

Roger Staubach Autographed Navy Heisman Trophy Jersey

2 x Super Bowl champion with the Dallas Cowboys. College and Pro Football Hall of Fame member.

Winning those 2 Super Bowl titles puts him high on this list.

#5 Paul Hornung

Paul Hornung Autographed Notre Dame Heisman Football Sports Memorabilia

Definitely not the most popular guy on this list.  So that hurt his ranking.

But he does have some incredible stats.  4 x NFL champion (before Super Bowl), and 1 Super Bowl title for the Green Bay Packers.

1956 Heisman Trophy winner out of Notre Dame.  Member of the College and Pro Hall of Fame.  NFL MVP.

Very affordable autograph.  I get the feeling that his will be one people will be kicking themselves over since it is so cheap right now.

#4 Marcus Allen


1981 Heisman Trophy winner out of USCOakland Raiders star.  Super Bowl Champion and MVP.  Only one on this list with that accomplishment.

Marcus Allen USC Autographed Heisman Trophy MemorabiliaMember of the College and Pro Football Hall of Fame.  NFL MVP.  One of the best running backs of all-time.


#3 OJ Simpson

Toughest one to put on this list.  Tons of off the field issues.  But, that wasn't one of the criteria for this list.  

OJ is one of those guys that you have to have in your collection or you no way in hell you have his autograph.  It is an all or nothing guy.

OJ Simpson Autographed USC Heisman Trophy Memorabilia

OJ has some stats though.  Rare athlete to win a National Title and a Heisman Trophy (1967 and 1968) at USC.  5 x Pro Bowl selection for the Buffalo Bills.

Member of the College and Pro Football Hall of Fame.


Plus, similar to Bo Jackson, OJ is super popular.  Every time you say his name, EVERYBODY knows him, good or bad.  

#2 Barry Sanders

This is where things got tough.  #2 and #1 could easily swap places. But for reasons I will mention with #1, Sanders is here at #2.

1988 Heisman Trophy out of Oklahoma State and the Lion King for the Detroit Lions. Barry Sanders Sports Memorabilia

Stat stuffer.  10 x Pro Bowl selection, member of the College and Pro Football Hall of Fame.  League MVP.  Holder of numerous rushing stats.  Too many to list here.

Only issue I see with Barry was his teams just sucked in the NFL.  Not his fault, just the way the cookie crumbled.

Popularity wise, Sanders is probably ahead of #1.  But let's see why #1 is #1.



 #1 Charles Woodson

He is #1 on this list for a few reasons.

1997 Heisman Trophy winner and National Champion.  Super Bowl Champion with the Green Bay Packers.  

9 x Pro Bowl selection.  College Football Hall of Fame.

Future Pro Football Hall of Fame selection.

One of the more popular players all time for Michiganand the Oakland Raiders.

But arguably the main reason why he is #1 on this list......

He is the ONLY defensive player to win the Heisman Trophy.  Do you know how hard that is to do?

Not only to you have to battle the voters who always want to vote for an offensive player.  But every single day you have to be on your A game.  One slip up, one bad game, that's it, you are done.

Charles Woodson Autographed Michigan Helmet Sports Memorabilia

As a defensive player you have to let most of the came come to you.  So if no one throws the ball to your side of the field, it can be really hard to pick up some stats or get noticed by the voters.  Where as a running back can get as many carries as the coach wants to give him.

That's the main reason why Charles Woodson is #1 on this list.

So what do you think?  Who did I miss? Anyone too high or too low?  

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