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Top 5 Tom Brady Autographed Items 2020 (AND WHAT TO AVOID! BUCS?)

July 01, 2021 8 min read

Top 5 Tom Brady Autographed Items 2020 (AND WHAT TO AVOID! BUCS?)

So our main guy Mr. Tom Brady has switched teams. We've known this here for a couple weeks now. Of course he's a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The first team he's played with outside the New England Patriots. It's gonna be weird seeing him in that uniform there but we'll see how long he plays there but of course with this new team there's been a renewed interest in Tom Brady autographs and it can be kind of difficult to navigate his autographs. There's a bunch out there, different types of items to get to, so in today's video we're going to go over five items that you should definitely consider having in your collection, and I'm also going to go through some items that you should probably stay away from.

Let's talk about authenticity when it comes to Tom Brady. Brady has been with TriStar. They've represented him for autograph signings since essentially humans were in caves so it's been quite a long time. So every Tom Brady autograph you buy should come with a Tristar uniquely numbered hologram on there, period, end of story. I don't care what other items you have out there, there are some items out there that have mounted memories, and I’ve seen them in the past they did signings back with a Brady back in the early 2000s. I want to say personally I would stay away from those items. There's been some issues with those holograms and I just would not do those. I would definitely stick with the Tristar authenticated items. Now keep in mind with Tristar, they did change their hologram I believe in 2019 to this new one with the QR code, so both will have a uniquely numbered holograms on there which you can then verify on their website. It'll state the item and the date that it was signed so definitely do that before you purchase a Tom Brady item if you're going to spend a thousand dollars plus. You want to make sure you're getting a legit one.

Now let's talk about which types of items you should not buy from Tom Brady. First one I would not purchase any mini helmets. Now I'm a huge mini helmet fan, don't get me wrong, I love mini helmets. They are easy to display, they're usually the cheapest item out there, but with Tom Brady his autograph is so expensive already it's really not that much more to get a full-size helmet. So unless you collect mini helmets and that's your jam, I would just spend the next couple hundred dollars and get a premier item.  8x10 photos are another one I would stay away from. For me it's just too small of an item for a guy as expensive as Tom Brady. I wouldn’t get if. You're going to do a photo there are some really great options out there. There's that famous yelling one of Tom I would do a 16 by 20 size that is going to look super cool on your wall. It just allows for a bigger autograph from Tom, and again 8x10 is just a little bit too small for me, but again the price is almost the same. The 16x20s and 8x10s are almost the same identical price so you should be able to find a decent deal on a 16x20. Stay away from items with outdated inscriptions. You're gonna see these everywhere with Tom Brady. You're gonna see items that are inscribed five-time Super Bowl champs for people that got it from his second to last Super Bowl win thinking it was going to be his last one. Of course Tom has won six now. You don't want an item with incorrect inscriptions. Don't buy anything like that. Also just keep in mind the rule of thumb on athletes that are currently playing is don't get inscriptions on items that could change. So if like for example let's say Mike Trout, three-time MVP, he might not win another MVP, but there's a good chance he might win another one and then what happens when he wins his fourth one? Now you've got an incorrect inscription. You definitely don't want to do that, especially for as expensive as some of these guys are becoming. White panel footballs you'll see these with the Michigan logo, with the Patriots logo, they look great don't get me wrong. They're a very popular item but they have a tendency to fade over time. The autograph tends to change colors and they look kind of funky. I wouldn't spend that much money on a Tom Brady autograph on a white panel football, and last but not least, Bucks items. Don't be that guy that just wants to be cool and gets a Tom Brady signed Buccaneers item. De hasn't done a signing yet where he signed Buccaneer items as of the making of this video, so they're not available just yet, but think about it, you're going to spend probably $1,500 or so for a signed helmet, why would you get that one instead of a Patriots one? Which one do you think is going to hold way more value over time? The Patriots one. That makes sense. Now unless you're a die-hard Bucks fan and you want to get a Bucks item, I totally understand that, I get that, or maybe you're just a Tom Brady fan that you just want to collect all the teams that he plays on, that makes sense, but for an investment side please don't get a Buccaneer's item. It's not going to hold as much of the value as a Patriots item will.

So now that we got all that stuff out of the way, that was the longest intro possible, but I want to make sure you guys are informed as much as possible. Let's start off with my top five autographed Tom Brady items that you should have in your collection.

Number five is really any university of Michigan item. I’m talking helmets and jerseys, mainly premier items are what you want to stick with. Brady’s got these new Jordan brand jerseys. The Jordan brand makes the jerseys for Michigan football now. These look really sharp. You can get them with the screen printer, you can get them sewn on as well. I've had these before. They look really sharp, but Michigan is just an iconic program. We all know that. I think they are number one in wins if I'm not mistaken for NCAA football. We all know the national championships. We all know the types of players they've had there like Charles Woodson. So they are just an iconic program. Anything Tom Brady, Michigan they've got a huge following. That is a definite way to go. Full-size helmets are a great one too. You're looking at $1,300 for those and jerseys typically run about $1,900. So they're a little pricier for those jerseys.

Number four, Super Bowl logo footballs. These are almost very similar obviously to the World Series signed baseballs. Very highly collectible. It's got the Super Bowl logo on there. Again, always get for Super Bowls they've won. Don't get them for when they've lost. For Tom, get him for the first Super Bowl that he won and also for the last one which we're pretty sure is gonna be his last one, but I guess you never know. People made that mistake after the fifth one, but again these are super iconic. You're looking at about $1,400 or so depending on if it's got any inscriptions about what Super Bowl year it is and when it was signed and all that kind of stuff, but typically about $1,400. It just allows for such a nice big bold signature and they're so easy to display. It's such a cool piece. Definitely highly recommend you guys do Super Bowl footballs for Tom Brady.

Number three is just your standard Patriots full-size helmet. Just a big staple in the autograph industry. You really can't go wrong with a full size authentic helmet for Tom Brady. Rule of thumb on helmets. If you're paying more for the autograph than the actual helmet itself, you should get an authentic helmet. So for example, if you are getting a no-name cheese player in a full-size helmet, you're probably paying twenty or thirty dollars for the autograph. You might wanna do it just on a regular replica helmet. It doesn't make sense to get an authentic helmet. Tom Brady you're paying probably a thousand dollar autograph. Now why not spend the extra $150 or $200 or so and get the authentic helmet? That just makes sense. That's what the collectors are going to want if you were to resell it. It holds way more value than the replica helmets. It's just the way to go, and these run currently about $1,600 or so.

Number two item is a Patriots signed Nike jersey. If you can find them, they're tough to do, get the elite version. Remember there's three different versions that Nike essentially makes. You got the game level, which is the screen printed, limited which is sewn on, and then elite which is as close as you're going to get to the on field jersey. They can be tough to find. If you can't find those get the limited one. You want to get Tom on a sewn on jersey, that's what collectors are going to want. It's going to hold a better autograph. It's not going to have a chance to fade as much as those screen printed Nike game ones although those are good jerseys too. I've done a video on those before. I do like those just because they're 100% jersey and they're readily available whereas the limited and the elites can sometimes be difficult to find. As far as I know, with any paid signings now, there may be a couple that have been snuck in there, but any paid signing that he's done through Tristar have not any Chinese knockoff versions. Again, stick with the officially licensed Tristar authenticated Nike. Again, prefer to get the limited ones. Those typically run probably about $1,500 plus for something like that. So jerseys are definitely a very highly sought off item for Tom Brady. Again, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Getting him on your wall is definitely a good bet.

Number one item you should have for Tom Brady, and I talked about this on my Patrick Mahomes top five video as well, I'm a big believer in these custom and specialty helmets. I think these are going to hold their value way more than a jersey will over time. The reason being is there's a limited run of these helmets. I'm talking about the clips, the amps, the white mattes, and the blaze ones. I've had a Tom Brady blaze before. I think I sold that for $1,600. I think I way undersold that one. That's a $2,500 helmet right now. Speed flex are another good option. I would stick with these mainly because again, limited amount, but also because of the customization. You can put a unique visor on there. You can put sticker decals. You can paint these things different colors. There's just a whole bunch of different stuff that you can do that really adds value and makes it unique. That's what the collectors are looking for. Collectors are looking for unique items. One items that you want to find for your collection is a Patriots helmet on one side and then a Michigan helmet on the other side. That’s a really cool design. People went nuts for something like that. Again, just super cool and if you're a collector getting one of these items it definitely will hold its value as opposed to something that's maybe mass-produced in the thousands.

So you're looking at probably 2k plus on these custom or specialty helmets so be willing to spend some money on there, but again I think these are going to hold their value and increase in value more so than really anything else on this list. So I hope that helps you kind of navigate the world of Tom Brady. We're all sitting here kind of waiting for him to do his first signing in 2020 and sign some Bucks items for people. People have been picking up these Buck items too. I'm just like why? Why? Like he's a Patriot. He's always gonna be a Patriot.

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