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Why Jim Brown Should be in Your AUTOGRAPH COLLECTION – Or Should he…?

August 31, 2022 2 min read

Why Jim Brown Should be in Your AUTOGRAPH COLLECTION – Or Should he…?

I've been putting together videos and blogs like this pretty often lately, where I discuss what athletes I think have the potential to be valuable assets to your collection.  If you haven't seen the past videos I've talked about guys like Willie Mays, Sandy Koufax, and others.

Today we are going to dive into the NFL and find a top guy you should be thinking about.. You've almost definitely heard about him in the past, he had set numerous records during his time as a pro player, and was obviously just an all around great athlete. It's Jim Brown!

Brown played in the NFL for 9 season, won a MVP award and an NFL championship, which is also why it's no surprise that he is a Hall of Famer as well. He held many records during his career, most of them have been surpassed.  He also appeared in a movie you may have seen, Any Given Sunday.

Brown has had some off the field drama.  I'm not going to dive into that. If you want to hear about those things I suggest you research him first to really know if you want to have him in your collection.

Moving onto the autographs.

The last time he signed autographs was in 2020.  It's pretty hard to say if he'll ever sign again in the future. He is definitely getting up there in age, and these older guys just tend to not like signing anymore, which is very understandable. As of the time of writing, Jim Brown is 86 years old.

If you look hard enough though you can find things like custom jerseys and helmets. I'm not a fan of custom jerseys, I would much rather have an officially licensed jersey.  The quality is so much better, I've talked about that in the past, so I really think you should be looking for those Mitchell & Ness jerseys, but if you can't, there's not really anything wrong with settling for a custom jersey due to lack of items available for Jim Brown.

Helmets are also always a solid item to get, but I'd really recommend looking for those throwback helmets, similar to what he wore on the field.  It just makes a lot more sense to have a signed helmet from that time period, instead of a modern speed helmet. In either case, jersey or helmet, those are often running around $800 right now. 

Autographed sports card are another hot ticket item.

Especially those rookie cards of his. They are currently around $5,000 or more.  Definitely pricey, but very minimal supply.  Even the Panini National Treasures cards are around $1,500. He is just an expensive guy at the moment due to lack of supply.

Keep in mind, if you have $1,500 to spend on an autographed card, you could just as easily split that up into a helmet and jersey and have 2 items.

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