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Autographed Baseballs - How to Protect From Fading With a Display Case

February 21, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment

babe ruth autographed baseball

So you have just started collecting autographed baseballs or you have been a serious sports memorabilia collector for a couple years.  You are thinking to yourself, I’ve spent all this money on such a cool collection, how do I make sure I protect my autographs for the long term?   Here are 4 tips how to do so.

#1 – Always make sure your baseballs are signed in ball point pen.  This type of pen tends to not bleed much and the integrity of the signature is higher.

will clark,signed,1989 world series,baseball

Will Clark Signed 1989 World Series Baseball BATTLE OF THE BAY

#2 – Store your baseballs in a UV protected display case.  It can be a simple Ultra Pro UV display case or a classy wall mountable one.  Either way, make sure it has UV protected glass or acrylic.  UV keeps out 97-98% of harmful light that will progress the fading of your baseball rather rapidly.

Ultra Pro UV Baseball Display Case

Ultra Pro UV Baseball Display Case

Wall Mountable Baseball Display Case

Wall Mountable Baseball Display Case


#3 – Keep out of direct sunlight.  When displaying your autographed baseballs, keep them on the side of the room the light comes in from.  That way direct sunlight never shines on them.  Sun can fade items within just a year and is extremely harmful to autographs.

Faded Autographed Baseball

Faded Autographed Baseball

#4 – The room they are displayed in should be at room temperature.  Not too hot or too cold.  Room temperature is the perfect setting for an autograph.


Of course, over a long period of time (20 + years), a baseballs quality and signature quality will fade a little.  But if you take these 4 steps you can delay and prevent much of that deterioration and keep the value of your collection high.


Powers Sports Memorabilia was started by Matt Powers as a way for sports autograph and celebrity memorabilia enthusiasts and collectors to have a high-quality product available at affordable pricing. Having been in the business since 2004, he noticed there wasn’t a website available that included not only signed sports memorabilia and celebrity autographs, but also high quality custom framing and autograph display cases for everything from autographed baseballs to signed guitars, and more.

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June 04, 2020

This information helped me a lot. I have an autographed ball from the 1953 or54 Cubs and I think it’s faded some.

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