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Autographed NFL Jerseys - Which Style Jersey Should You Get? Nike? Mitchell & Ness?

October 21, 2019 2 min read

Autographed NFL Jerseys - Which Style Jersey Should You Get?  Nike?  Mitchell & Ness?

When it comes to autographed NFL jerseys, there are many different options.

Do you get a Nike jersey?  How about a Reebok one?  What are these custom jerseys?

There are essentially 4 different options when deciding what type of jersey to get signed.  

#1 Custom Jersey

A custom jersey is a no name brand jersey, that doesn't have any logos on it and isn't associated with any team.  Take for example the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  They have a red jersey they wear.  A custom jersey would be just a blank red jersey signed by your favorite Nebraska player.

Grant Wistrom Autographed Nebraska Jersey

Why do people get these signed?

These are the cheapest option.  Usually less than $50 for the jersey.

They have sewn on jersey numbers and names, very similar to the authentic versions.

Not my favorite style of jersey because it isn't officially licensed, but a very popular choice.

#2 Nike

Nike has been making officially licensed NFL jerseys for a few years now.  They make 3 different styles.

- Game Jersey

Odell Beckham Jr Autographed Browns Jersey

This is your cheapest option at $100 retail.  Has screen printed numbers.

- Limited jersey

Calvin Johnson Autographed Jersey

This is a $150 retail value.  Comes with sewn on numbers.

- Elite Jersey

- This is a $350 retail value.  Has sewn on numbers.  Essentially, this is the "on-field" jersey that the players wear.

Tom Brady Autographed Jersey

Most bang for your buck is the Nike Game jersey.  However, the Nike Limited ia also very affordable for the sewn on version.

I would only use the Elite jerseys when you are paying a similar or more price for just the autograph.  For example, a Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers autograph.

#3 Reebok

Reebokmade NFL jerseys from 2001-2011.  They can often be found on eBay or Amazon.

Be very wary of these as they are commonly knocked off.  

Reebok ones are a solid choice for players that played during that era.  Especially, Super Bowl winner and MVPs.

#4 Mitchell & Ness

While Mitchell & Ness jerseys were never worn on the field, they do make officially licensed throwback jerseys. 

These are great for the older players such as Dan Marino, Deion Sanders, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, etc...

Bit of an expensive jersey, they have a version that is similar to the Nike Limited and Nike Elite jerseys (rep and authentic). 

As good as it gets for jersey quality. 


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