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Speedflex Helmet Review For Autographs - Good to get signed?

November 14, 2019 1 min read

Speedflex Helmet Review For Autographs - Good to get signed?

A popular helmet in 2019 to get signed are the new speedflex helmets. You have probably seen a few of these already signed. Quite an expensive helmet to get signed. Worth it? And what's the difference between the regular speed helmet?

Let's start off by what is a speedlfex helmet?

It has a different type of shell on it than your standard speed helmet.  The padding on the inside of the helmet is also different.

Ezekeil Elliott Autographed Dallas Cowboys Speedflex Helmet

Many NFL stars have started wearing this style of helmet.  Thus, making it a popular item to get signed.  Collectors love having the exact style equipment a player uses.

Another big difference is the price tag.

Speedflex helmets run $600!  That's a lot for a helmet.

So who should sign these types of helmets?

1.) Your favorite player.  If he wears this style of helmet, then get him to sign one.  He's your favorite guy, so get it done!

2.) Elite level guys.  I'm talking about Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes.  Those type of guys.  Guys that have an expensive autograph and warrant being put on such an expensive item.

Tom Brady Autographed New England Patriots Speedflex Helmet

Where do you get them to sign on the helmet?

I have found that the best place is on that odd shaped part of the front of the helmet.  Seems to allow for the biggest autograph.  

This will change depending on the team of the helmet since other teams have bigger logos than others.  The shell of the helmet is the same material as the standard speed helmets, so any paint pen will work great.


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