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Best Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Autograph Choices - Who should you get?

February 14, 2020 3 min read

Best Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Autograph Choices - Who should you get?

The Kansas City Chiefs just won Super Bowl 54, for the 1st time in 50 years.  That is a long, long, wait.

Naturally, a bunch of autograph signings are coming up and the players are in huge demand.  WARNING: items will not be cheap due to this so prepare accordingly.

Since there will be many options available to collectors, what should you get?  What type of item?  Which players?  Let's break this down and clear it up.

Starting with the "team-signed" items.  There are a few limited edition of 54 items coming out that as of this writing have 5 players on it.  Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Damien Williams, Tyreek Hill, and Sammy Watkins.  Hoping more will be added, but as of right now it is just the offensive stars.

kansas city chiefs team signed super bowl helmet

There will be 16x20 photos, Super Bowl footballs and Champions helmets along with a few jerseys.

Prices range from $1500-$3000.

I know you are probably thinking "that's a lot of money for 5 autographs" and you would be correct, it is.

Here is the thing with limited edition autographed pieces.  Most of the time they hold and increase their value more so than single signed items.

Remember when the Philadelphia Eagles recently won the Super Bowl?  Their team signed items sold out almost instantly.  Yes, they did have way more signatures on them.  But those are practically non existent now.  The limited edition items are what collectors want.

So what type of item should you get of the limited edition items?

Stick with the premium items.  Helmets, footballs, jerseys.  Stuff like that tends to hold and increase value better than photos.  Those are the items collectors have proven they want.

Let's move on to single signed items.  Items signed by just 1 player.


Obviously, he is a guy you got to have.  Super Bowl MVP (although I think Damien Williams should have got it).  

At this 1st signing there will not be any jerseys or inscriptions being done. 

What have been the most popular items of his?

patrick mahomes autograph super bowl photo

The Super Bowl Champion full size helmets, Super Bowl logo footballs, and also a 16x20 photo of him holding the Lomardi Trophy.

I love the Champions helmets (has Chiefs logo on one side and Super Bowl Champions logo and score on the other side).  

The 16x20 photo is really sharp as well.  Especially all framed up!


One item I am getting done for the star tight end is a full size authentic Champions helmet with the FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO LOMARDI inscription.

travis kelce autographed photo

if you remember, after the AFC Championship win, Kelce screamed into the microphone "YOU GOT TO FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO PARTY."  That changed into, FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO LOMBARDI after they won the Super Bowl and the Lombardi Trophy.

Inscriptions like that make items totally unique and a great addition to a collection.

Kelce you should stick to premium items as well.  Full size helmets, Super Bowl footballs, anything related to the Super Bowl.


His autograph is practically everywhere.  Just not a ton of value on him.  

tyreek hill autographed super bowl football

If he is one of your favorite players, then I would suggest sticking to the full size champions helmets or Super Bowl footballs.  Those will look sharp for him


In my opinion the Super Bowl MVP with his 2 touchdowns, but that doesn't really matter at this point.

Stick with photos on him.  He has some great images of the Super Bowl run.  Those are what people will remember him by.damien williams autographed super bowl photo

Unless he is your absolute favorite player.  Then get what you see fit on him 


Same deal as Tyreek Hill,  Not a ton of value with him.  I would suggest only getting single signed items on him if he is your absolute favorite player.

Side note, one of THE BESTcollectibles to get for the Chiefs ha been the framed original front page of the Kansas City Star after the Super Bowl win.  kansas city chiefs super bowl framed newspaper

Sells for $149 shipped and framed.  Awesome collectible!

I hope that helps clear the field for you.  Good luck!


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