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Jordan Brand Football Jerseys - Good for Autographs?

March 24, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

Jordan Brand Football Jerseys - Good for Autographs?

Maybe you have seen these out in the marketplace.  Football jerseys with the Jordan Brand logo on them.  Michael Jordan never played football?  Why is his logo on football jerseys?

The Jordan brand has expanded into making jerseys not just for basketball teams, but also football as well.  

Many schools also wear the Jordan Brand for the entire athletic department.

According to Google...

"North Carolina, Michigan, Oklahoma, Florida, Georgetown, Marquette, Houston. And now, San Diego State. The Aztecs men's basketball program is joining an exclusive club of schools sponsored by Jordan Brand, a sneaker and apparel division within Nike based on the legacy of Michael Jordan."

The 2020 NBA All-Stars also wore Jordan Brand jerseys.

2020 NBA All Star Jordan Brand Basketball Jersey

Since this is an autograph page, let's talk about if these are good or bad for autographs.

I have a had a few of these jerseys signed  Mainly Tom Brady Michigan and Baker Mayfield Oklahoma.

There are 2 types of Jordan Brand jerseys available (not for all players).  There is a sewn and screen printed number version.

tom brady autographed michigan jersey

The sewn version I have had Tom Brady signed.  Jersey is very similar to the Nike Limited jerseys.  But has a lighter feel to it.  Autograph holds very well.  This is the preferred jersey to get for the Jordan Brand.  Very affordable.  Sometimes you can find them on sale for about a $100.

The screen printed version I have had signed by Brady and also Baker Mayfield.  The autograph holds up very well on the number.  Especially the Brady's I had done.  Baker I chose to get done on the jersey itself.  Reason being is Baker has such a small signature, it almost seems to hold better and give him a bigger spot if I let him do it on the actual jersey itself.

baker mayfield autographed oklahoma sooners jersey

In recap, yes you can get these jerseys signed.  Screen printed or sewn works fine on the numbers.  You can also get creative and do it on the jersey itself.

One side note to keep in mind is the authentication sticker (mainly with Beckett) has a hard time adhering to the screen printed jersey number.  So you may have to get it on the jersey tag on the front of the jersey.


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April 03, 2020

In terms of value though, do you feel that the Jordan jerseys specifically add or decrease value? For the most part, I see the brand being neutral to value if it’s just an off-field signed item. Meaning, if it’s not an authentic jersey…it’s not an authentic jersey. I would care more about liking the style, color, throwback, etc. My general rule of thumb for a piece you really care about (especially more expensive items) is to buy the true on-field jersey and you can’t go wrong. If that happens to be Jordan brand then go with Jordan. Reebok…go with Reebok and so on. In fact, it’s the only type I would purchase personally to avoid this very topic we are discussing. Even if it’s a Jordan piece, I would want the jersey he wore on the court; not Jordan brand. I can’t think of any situation where I would seek out a certain brand to be signed over another brand…can you?
As a side note, many people don’t realize that a lot of the signed jerseys out there are just terrible quality all around. If you see a jersey described as ‘custom’ – stay away! This is more often than not their way of saying the jersey is not authentic. I won’t drop any names but the auction sites are almost always some cheap jersey they found on the secondary market which is nowhere near the quality of what they are wearing on the field. This misleading selling technique is an easy way for these auction sites to boost their margins. And they usually come framed so a casual collector might not think much of it. I learned the hard way. This is just my humble opinion.

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