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Chicago Cubs Autographs - Are you a Gambling Man? Time to bet on the Chicago Cubs…Autographs that is

February 21, 2018 2 min read

Chicago Cubs Autographs - Are you a Gambling Man? Time to bet on the Chicago Cubs…Autographs that is

The Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908.  They ended the 2016 season with the best record in baseball.  Of course, that doesn’t mean they will win the World Series.  But let’s be a gambling man and say they do win it.  Autographs for them will EXPLODE!  Let me repeat, sports memorabilia autographs from the 2016 Chicago Cubs will EXPLODE in value.

So what does that mean right now, before the playoffs have even started?  Well, you better start picking up your Kris Bryant, Jake Arrieta, and Anthony Rizzo autographs right now!  Given who represents some of them, you can bet the pricing of their autographs is going to be pushed as a high as possible.  The resell value of those players if the Cubs win will always be very high.  I can see Bryant signed MLB balls getting to $400!

Kris Bryant Signed Cubs Jersey

Just imagine the frenzy among not just Cubs fans, but also collectors?  The inscription possibilities are endless.  2016 WS CHAMPS, 1st WS TITLE SINCE 1908, and BILLY GOAT IS DEAD are some ideas.  There will be a rush for Cubs autographs and memorabilia that will surpass even the Red Sox 2004 World Series win.

Billy Goat

So my suggestion if you are a gambling man, pick up as many Bryant, Rizzo, and Arrieta MLB balls and 8×10 photos at cheap prices right now.  Going to have to be PSA or JSA authenticated to get those prices.  Then, hold onto them for the playoff ride.

Best case scenario, Cubs win, and you can cash in on the biggest sports memorabilia rush in recent history.  Worst case, they lose, but you have some cheap, quality autographs of some very young and talented all-stars who will surely make another run at the World Series very soon.

Powers Sports Memorabilia was started by me, Matt Powers as a way for sports autograph and celebrity memorabilia enthusiasts and collectors to have a high-quality product available at affordable pricing.  You deal directly with me when ordering anything from my company, so I ensure you get the best quality service and personal care you deserve.  Let me be YOUR sports memorabiliaguy!

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