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Collecting Autographs - Just Getting Started? 5 Tips to Help

February 21, 2018 2 min read

Vin Scully Autographed Baseball

So you finally made the decision to start collecting sports memorabiliaautographs? Great!  Now what?  How do you get started?  What do you collect?  Here are 5 tips to help.

1.) Start with a small budget and stick to it.  No need to get crazy right off the bat.  Picking up an autograph or two a month is a good pace to start off at.  Remember, this is a journey, and collections are not made in one day, month, or year.

2.) Small items are gold.  First part of your collection should be items like signed baseballs, mini helmets, 8×10 photos, etc..  Smaller items you can easily store.  Then, once you have a good idea of who you like to collect, branch out into bigger items like jerseys.

3.) If you don’t get excited about an item within the first 5 seconds of seeing it, do not buy it.  At this point in your collecting, you shouldn’t have to sell yourself on an item since you haven’t collected anything yet.

4.) Pick up cheap frames at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s if you choose to collect photos at the start.  No sense investing in expensive custom framing jobs at this point. Heck, you can even get plastic photo sleeves to store them in if you are not ready to display the items yet.

5.) Share your collection.  Nothing better than seeing other people get excited about your collection and vice versa.  Great way to keep you interested in collecting and get new ideas.

Powers Sports Memorabilia was started by Matt Powers as a way for sports memorabilia autograph and celebrity memorabilia enthusiasts and collectors to have a high-quality product available at affordable pricing. Having been in the business since 2004, he noticed there wasn’t a website available that included not only signed sports memorabilia and celebrity autographs, but also high quality custom framing and autograph display cases for everything from autographed baseballs to signed guitars, and more.

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