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Don Shula Autograph - one to add to your collection?

October 01, 2019 1 min read 1 Comment

Don Shula Autograph - one to add to your collection?

Want a quick sleeper autograph pick?

Here ya go!

One I have been stocking up on lately.

Don Shula.

Guys a coach, why should I consider his autograph?


HOF 97

Only Coach of undefeated NFL team, 1972 Dolphins 17-0

If you are a Miami Dolphins or NFL fan, this might be one of your only times to pick up an autograph of an undefeated NFL head coach.

Shula is getting up there in age, he is 89.  Last I checked his health was OK, but not great.  I have heard from a few people that he won’t be doing anymore signings or traveling.

So what should you get on him?

Anything with the 17-0 inscription is ideal.  That is where your value is.  Don Shula Autographed Mini Helmet

Mini helmets inscribed 17-0 $189 .

Regular minis $149.

$499 for full-size helmets with HOF inscription.  Again, 17-0 inscription is preferred.

Also, 1972 team-signed Dolphins helmets or jerseys with Dhula on it.  Those around $1,000 right now, lots of value in those.  Just make sure they have Shula on them.

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April 27, 2021

well it seems my signed don shula silver plated super bowl trophy has not gone up in value or is there a better place to look i know its rare cant find many

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