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FedEx is STEALING Your PSA Sports Card Shipments - Do This Before Your Next Shipment

March 09, 2022 5 min read 3 Comments

FedEx is STEALING Your PSA Sports Card Shipments - Do This Before Your Next Shipment

I'm hearing more reports of FedEx employees stealing the contents of shipments going to PSA.  Essentially  what's happening is they are opening up the boxes, stealing the contents and then resealing the box and then delivering it as normal. Pretty crappy, right? I mean, how low of a person do you have to be doing that? I don't know how widespread this is. I can't imagine it's happening all that much, but it is 100% happening.

Last week I talked to PSA, they're having issues with FedEx Ground, not so much FedEx Express, but you're like "Matt, what's the deal? These are the same company. How could there be a difference with one and not the other?" The FedEx Ground employees don't work directly for FedEx. They are contractors. They work for a company that owns the route that FedEx has given them. They own this certain route that delivers to certain businesses and homes. FedEx Express employees, those are the ones that deliver your overnight, your two-day your three-day shipments, they work directly for FedEx.

Why does this matter? Well, think about it from a perspective of someone that's going to steal your stuff.  You work for some random contractor in your hometown or your area, or you work for a big company like FedEx. Which one are you more likely to steal from?

I would say it's probably a decent chance at both, but I say more likely if you are just a contractor, right? You get fired by the contractor, not a big deal. If you get fired by FedEx, well they have a lot more resources to prosecute you if they choose to do that. Plus, it's going to make it harder to get a job at UPS or FedEx if you chose to stay in that area. I would argue that you're less likely to open a box and steal stuff if you are a FedEx employee.

PSA is requesting that you send stuff to them via the Express route. So overnight, two-day, or three-day due to some issues with the Ground shipments. Given all this information, when we're sending stuff to PSA or really any address that accepts high dollar stuff, you probably want to be following some of these steps here. This is going to kind of piggyback off the video I made a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to add a couple of things on in direct relationship to how PSA wants stuff done.

Step #1. If you're going to be using FedEx use three-day at a minimum. It's like 15, 20 bucks more than the regular Ground, depending on what you're shipping. Less hands on your package, it is handled by FedEx employees. I would feel pretty good about FedEx three-day at a minimum.

Step #2. You want to insure your stuff for what you paid for it. No point in insuring it for what it's going to possibly sell for, because the insurance is never going to pay that out. They're going to pay the replacement value of your items. Insure it for what you paid.

Step #3. Make sure you have receipts of what you paid for it. If you bought a card and then got it autographed make she have the receipt for what you paid for the card, and then what you paid for the autograph. You’re going to need those to get paid on the insurance claim. We want to make sure we have all of our ducks in a row, as far as our receipts and paperwork.

Step #4. This is a big one here, and I think it's highly underrated. Many people miss this step here.  Take photos of your items and the shipping label together to prove ownership of it.  Sometimes insurance companies will want to know, "Hey, listen, we want to make sure that you've owned these cards and not just taking random pictures from other places." Take a photo of the items and the shipping label together to make sure that you can prove that you shipped and owned these items. Take photos of the box and how you packed it up. You want to make sure you have overly done this whole thing so insurance can't come back to you and say, "well, you're missing this one thing." Don't do that. Take as many pictures as you think they could possibly want for your item.

Step #5. Use some sort of tape to make sure that you know if your box has been tampered with, like a check contents tape, the brown tape, or whatever it is that you want to put on there to know if it got tampered with. That way when PSA gets your stuff, they can check and say, "Yep, it looks like this seal was broken here." PSA is going to open your box up there on camera, which is actually a very cool thing for PSA and you so they can review that security footage, and when they open it up, they'd be like, "Yep, there was nothing in here. It looks like it's resealed. Someone stole your stuff."

Step #6. Consider using the Post Office. I'm not a big fan of the post office. They're just very inconsistent. However, I know the Post Office employee is probably a lot less likely to open your box up and steal your stuff than a FedEx employee. I think that the ramifications of stealing Post Office content is way worse than stealing a FedEx package. Anytime you're dealing with the good old government, you're dealing with some decent ramifications for stealing stuff. I don't know if that 100% for sure, but I just get the feeling that if you're a Post Office employee, you probably don't want to be stealing their stuff.

If you are going to ship USPS priority mail, again, make sure that you're doing the insurance, all that stuff, follow all the previous steps. Then I would also add a signature required. Also, know that when you're shipping stuff to PSA, they have two different addresses. One for FedEx, that's their physical address, and they've got a second address, their PO box, which is for their Post Office shipments. Make sure that you are shipping to the correct address. Also, know that they have a different name on their shipments now. So don't put PSA or PSA/DNA on your shipping labels. That's going to make you even more of a target. Just make sure you follow those steps on their shipping process. But I definitely would not be putting PSA or PSA/DNA on there.

Hopefully that helps you guys avoid your getting your stuff stolen. You don't want to go down that road and then having to file insurance claims and the restless nights that come with that.  I really wish PSA would start accepting UPS shipments. I've never had issues with UPS, it seems like everybody always has issues with FedEx. UPS has not immune, that's not what I'm saying, but that's just been my experience there. Again, every UPS employee works for UPS so that's a nice benefit. Again, don't become a victim. Take these necessary steps to protect your shipments, going to PSA or any high dollar address that you are sending to.

3 Responses

Travis Greenlief
Travis Greenlief

July 23, 2023

T. The information in this article is so important. I’m going through a complete nightmare of 31 vintage basketball 8×10 photos sent to the psa/DNA title with the old address. Now I know there’s been a change of address, and all photos must be sent with the title "Collectors ". My Tracking for the package is at a standstill, the N.J. post office will not answer their phones and who knows where my wilt, west and Russell rookie photos are. I have turned this in to the post office and eventhough it was registered mail they said the package cannot be signed for now because of insufficient and wrong information. So the carrier dropped it off basically somewhere because I had the old address on the package. Pay very close attention to this article before sending out your prized possessions. So you are not going through a nightmare like me.

Scott Russell
Scott Russell

March 30, 2022

Insuring through Fed Ex or UPS is a fool’s game. They will sell you whatever insurance you want but if you wind up having a claim they will show you to the fine print that states collectibles are only insurable up to $1,000. They will apologize and refund you what you spent on insurance plus the $1000 they cover. That’s pretty cold comfort on a 1952 Topps Mantle or the like.

Eric Hanson
Eric Hanson

March 30, 2022

Is PSA shipping return via a different method or using FedEx ground?

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