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Kylian Mbappe's BEST SELLING Soccer Cards to Invest in 2020

July 06, 2021 5 min read

Kylian Mbappe's BEST SELLING Soccer Cards to Invest in 2020

So within the last few months soccer cards have really taken off. There's a lot of new collectors and a lot of new investors that are coming into the market that are looking to either make money or add some new product into their collection, and there's a lot of new players to study. Especially someone like myself who's an American who may not know who some of these great players are that are over there in Europe and of course in South America as well. One of those big players that we were going to talk about today is Kylian Mbappe. He is the star of the 2018 World Cup championship team for France. Apparently this guy's a very good player. I've seen a couple of his videos, he’s a great dribbler and of course his cards have been going through the roof. So today's video is all going to be about what are his top 10 best-selling soccer cards and all this data today is going to be coming from the sports card investors online data program Market Movers. You guys should definitely get into this, it's like $49 a month, but you can get data from all different kinds of cards. Very useful information.

This particular data will be coming from July 26 to August 25th of 2020, and this is going to include raw, graded, Beckett, and PSA. Essentially everything that has been his top 10 best-selling cards by quantity over the last 30 days. Of course Market Movers gets all their data from eBay. So without any further ado let's go ahead and jump into this list.

2017 Topps Chrome UEFA: #41 (PSA 9)

Number 10 here is the 2017 Topps Chrome UEFA soccer base, PSA 9. This is card number 41. It has had 15 sales with an average sales price of $633 so a very expensive car for a PSA 9.

2017 Topps Chrome UEFA: #41 (PSA 10)

Number 9 on this list is the same exact card but as a PSA 10. There have been exactly 15 sales in the last 30 days with a $1,562 price tag on that one, so very expensive card.

2018 Donruss Optic Holo: #132

Number 8, 2018 Donruss Optic Holo. This is a raw card. This one has not been graded at all. This is card number 132. It's had 19 sales with an ending price of $320 dollars. For a raw card, very expensive, but a very cool looking card. If you're not familiar with those holos they look like a silver kind of refractor. Very nice, very sought after.

2018 World Cup Prizm: #80

Number 7 is the 2018 World Cup Prizm base card. This is probably his most popular card. It’s a BGS 9.5 grade and this is of course card number 80. There have been 25 sales in the last 30 days. Average sales price $1,341. That's absolutely incredible.

2018 Donruss Optic: #53

Number six here is the 2018 Donruss Optic soccer base. This is the raw version, card number 53, and it has 26 sales in the last 30 days with an ending price of $125 dollars. So not too bad if you can find his raw cards for some of these ones, and the dollar range I think you're looking pretty good on that too.

2018 Donruss Optic: #132 (National Version)

Number five here is the 2018 Donruss Optic base. This is the national version of it. This one is card number 132 and in the last 30 days $99 average price, so very affordable raw card.

2017 Topps Chrome: #41

Number four is the 2017 Topps Chrome. This is the base card and this is ungraded, card number 41. 33 sales. This is the same one that we saw on number 10 and number 9 just as the base version. Price of $343 as of this video so very expensive raw card.

Getting into some of the Prizms here. These are all the same exact card here, these are also the most sought after card.

2018 World Cup Prizm: #80 (PSA 9)

Number three is the 2018 World Cup Prizm base as a PSA 9 grade, card number 80. There has been 104 sales in the last 30 days with an ending sales price of $810. I remember buying those at $250 and I sold them for $350 and thought I was doing fairly well so apparently I should have held on to those for a little bit longer, but hindsight is always 20/20.

2018 World Cup Prizm: #80 (PSA 10)

Number two most popular card in the last 30 days is this same exact card, the World Cup Prizm card number 80, but as a PSA 10. There have been a 172 sales of that card and the ending sales price at the making this video was $2,254. Wow. I remember seeing people sell this card when I first started kind of getting into soccer cards and it was $500 and I thought that was really expensive. Apparently I should have been buying as many as I could find at that price.

2018 World Cup Prizm: #80 (Raw Version)

The number one most popular card for Kylian Mbappe here in the last 30 days is that 2018 World Cup Prizm but in the raw version.  So not graded at all, it's of course card number 80. There have been 190 sales for this one and get this, for a raw ungraded card I remember seeing people trying to sell this card for about two or three dollars last year and they were having a hard time finding buyers for that card, but now, it’s at $479 dollars ending sales price at the making of this video. That's incredible! You just got to be real careful buying these cards raw. You got to be thinking to yourself why would someone sell this raw. If you can sell it for a PSA 10 for $2,200 or PSA 9 for $800. I mean you can make more money by grading this card so just be very careful when you're buying this card raw. There's probably a reason why you're buying it raw and it hasn't been graded yet.

So also one item that you should definitely be considering to pick up on Mbappe are these 2018 World Cup stickers. Yes I said stickers. Apparently these stickers are very popular among collectors. There's a gold version and then there's a standard kind of white version. The gold are of course more popular. These things are really cool, I've seen about 20 of them, they're little flimsy guys maybe three by two or something like that. Very sought after though and not many have been graded so something to keep in mind. You can find those ungraded right now and in pretty good condition and then send those off to PSA and get those graded.

Anyway that's the top 10 most popular selling cards in various forms. Hopefully this helps you when deciding which ones to buy for him. You can see a whole bunch of different price ranges here and a bunch of different sales. Again head on over to the Sports Card Investors website, there you can check out the Market Movers program. You can get all this data yourself there and hopefully it helps you make better decisions when buying Kylian Mbappe cards.

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