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LUKA DONCIC Rookie Cards You Can AFFORD!

July 06, 2021 5 min read

LUKA DONCIC Rookie Cards You Can AFFORD!

So the NBA season has restarted and things are going pretty well. A lot of guys are taking off, but one guy that has really stayed really consistent and is one of my favorite guys to collect, Luka Doncic. Now let me just run through some quick stats here for you on Luka. He's on his second year now. He's averaging almost a triple double for the year. A triple double in the NBA, I mean think about that, think about how hard high school basketball was and he's doing this in the NBA. It's just absolutely incredible. As of august 7th of 2020 he was averaging 29 points a game, 9.4 rebounds, and 8.8 assists. I remember in high school, like if I got five assists I was real happy with 10 points. It's just incredible for such a young player, he’s only 21 years old. Luka is a phenomenal player, lots of room for growth, he's playing on a pretty good Mavericks team that's got potential to get better, maybe add some new pieces in there. He's an international star of course being from Europe. It just seems like things are just limitless for him. He's got everything going for him and if you followed anything about sports lately you know the basketball card market has taken off just crazy lately.

I mean just seems like every player is going up in value. It seems like every card is going up in value and Luka is no exception, but as I mentioned many of his cards at the 2018 Prizm are just out of the question for most people. They're a thousand dollars plus now and that is just way too much for some entry-level collectors, and that I totally get. So this video is about you and this will be my top five rookies that you can buy right now on the cheap, or cheaper I guess I should say, because Luka is going up and up and up. So to keep it simple in today's video I'm just going to be discussing PSA 10 graded rookie base cards. No parallels, no specialty cards, no autographed cards, just to keep it consistent. We're doing just base cards and all this data is going to be over the last 30 days. Today being August 7th so this is all the way back to July 8th. The data is going to come from marketmovers.com. I've talked about them before you, guys should check out their software program. Great to pull some data on cards and find some sleepers for yourself there and they get all their information of course from eBay. So with that being said let's jump into the list here

2018 Panini Chronicles: #71

Number five is the 2018 Panini Chronicles card number 71. This is going to be the cheapest one on the list. As of right now its average price is $158, not bad. Over the last 30 days it's had a 42% price increases, 28 have sold. It’s not my favorite card, just kind of a boring design, but it just seems like anything Luka touches just goes up in value but nonetheless it's really a cheap rookie for Luka. It's got 374 PSA 10s out there so not a lot, so room for growth there, and 80% PSA 10 rate so if you find them raw and ungraded  you can send them into PSA there and get an 80% chance to get a PSA 10. So that's always another way to go to bring your cost of goods down on.

2018 Panini Status: #122

Number four is the 2018 Panini Status card number 122. I really like the design of this card, it's kind of funky. It's got a really great image of Luka on it and that always really sells a card in my opinion. Never underestimate what the image looks like. If it's a nice quality image, like you see some old Shaq cards out there with him dunking, those are just iconic cards. Even if they're not rookie ones people like to collect cards that look good. It's got a different kind of color design, very unique, a 16% price increase, over the last 30 days 17 have sold. The average selling price $265 and only 258 PSA 10s are out there which means just a lot of these have not been graded. People are not sending these in. 77% chance of getting a PSA 10. So find it ungraded and send it on in.

2018 Panini Hoops: #268

Number three is the 2018 Panini Hoops card number 268. Oh I love the NBA Hoops brand. It is just one of my favorite brands. I don't know why. I really like the simplicity and the color of the designs, much underrated cards. If you cannot afford an autographed rookie of, let's just say for example, like Anthony Davis look at the 2012 NBA Hoops for him. It's a different design, it's got the hornets color on there and it’s just a really cool unique looking card. It's a really cool unique color design and they're on the cheap too. You can usually find very good price on those. These ones have been around for a long time here. You're looking about 14% increase on these ones in the last 30 days. 22 have sold at a $304 average selling price. 1,601 PSA 10s are out there so a lot of them out there and a 71% rate of PSA 10. So again, find them raw and ungraded, send them on in.

2018 Panini Donruss: #177

Number two is the Panini Donruss card number 177. Probably the most boring card on this list in my opinion. Not the best looking image but it is a highly sought after card. 26% price increase and 158 have sold in the last 30 days. Average selling price of $345 dollars. Again, not one of my favorite designs but because of the brand name it is a popular card that people want to collect. 2,582 PSA 10s are out there. 72% PSA 10 rate so good one to pick up. A lot of people are interested in this card at a fairly good price.

2018 Panini Revolution

Finally my number one pick for the cheapest and most affordable Luka Doncic rookie card with a PSA 10 is the 2018 Panini Revolution brand. I love this brand. The designs are so cool. I love the colors on them, very highly underrated brand, definitely be looking at these for other players too. Just a very underrated set. Very clean look to it, this one has increased 50% over the last 30 days. There have been 16 sales and the average selling price is $463 dollars, just absolutely incredible, Only 316 PSA 10s out there and a 68% PSA 10 rate.

So there's my top five cheaper Luka rookie cards that you can be picking up. Again, don't be shy about picking them up ungraded and sending them off to PSA to get them graded. Most of these cards, I think all of them, are right around 70% chance of getting a PSA 10. So buy 10 of them, send them all in, and see if you can get seven 10s. There's a good chance you might do that. Again, always check your cards for scratches and dings and all that kind of stuff but hopefully that helps you guys out.

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