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Limited Edition Autographed Sports Memorabilia - What to get? What to avoid?

January 03, 2020 1 min read

Limited Edition Autographed Sports Memorabilia - What to get?  What to avoid?

We've all seen limited edition autographed sports memorabilia.  There are some you should avoid and some you should definitely get.  

1st off, what is a limited edition.  Easy question right?  I consider a limited edition of say 10 for example, to only have 10 of that item ever created.  Only 10.  No more, no less. 

Which types of limited edition autographed items should you add to your collection?

Ones around championships are a good way to start.  1.)  Probably last time getting all of these guys together for a signing.  2.) HIGH DEMAND.  3.) They tend to hold their value fairly well.  Especially, if it was a unique championship such as the Philadelphia Eagles recent Super Bowl win.

Philadelphia Eagles Autographed Super Bowl Photo

Limited edition items on hard to find pieces.  For example, a canvas, helmet, or photo that you could only get from one company.  Zero chance that could be replicated.

Items from exclusive memorabilia providers.  For example, a Michael Jordan limited edition item from Upper Deck is probably not an item that is going to replicated easy.

Which ones should you avoid?

Think logically for a moment.  If you can possibly replicate that item at the athletes next signing, that is probably a limited edition piece you want to avoid.Earl Campbell Autographed Jersey

Items such as single signed baseballs with multiple inscriptions. Or jerseys with sewn on stats.  Items without inscriptions are another.

Rule of thumb, if you can possibly get it done at the athletes next signing, not a limited edition piece you should add to your collection.

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