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White Matte Helmet Review for Autographs

January 22, 2020 2 min read

white matte helmet


In 2019, the NFL came out with an alternate white matte helmet.  These helmets were in response to the popularity of the Blaze helmets, another extremely collectible helmet.

Collectors have been making their own custom helmets for a few years now.   The NFL decided to finally make some officially licensed ones and the white matte one is the latest.

Made for every NFL team, they come in replica and authentic sizes, as well as full size and mini helmets.

The shell of the helmet is the same as any standard NFL helmet.  Big difference of course is the feel of the outside of the helmet, which naturally has a matte feel to it.  

If you don't know what that feels like, it is almost like a very, very fine sandpaper.  Slightly rougher, not as smooth as a standard NFL helmet.

drew lock autograph helmet

Do they work well for autographs?

Of course they do!

The matte feel tends to hold an autograph very well.  Plus, the unique white color really catches collectors eyes and allows for different autograph pen colors than a standard helmet.

Recently, I had Drew Lock sign a few.

Originally, I was planning on having him do them in black.  Black is my "safe" color when in doubt.

But, after making this video I thought I would take a little risk and do something different.  So, I went with the orange color.

I thought it turned out great.  Color stayed clean and didn't smear.  Does "pop" pretty good as well.

Other options you can do for a Broncos helmet like this would be blue and of course black.

What do you think?  What color would work best?

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