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STOP Overpaying for MICHAEL JORDAN Cards! Watch Before You Buy Your Next One

June 15, 2021 4 min read 1 Comment

STOP Overpaying for MICHAEL JORDAN Cards! Watch Before You Buy Your Next One


The Michael Jordan sports card market can be very confusing.  The guy literally has over 1,000 different cards it seems like.  A quick eBay search yields 55,541 total results of all cards.  That’s a lot.   Compare that to Luka Doncic, who’s same search result yielded 4,866. Obviously, Luka has had only 4 years of cards compared to Jordan’s 35 +, but you get the picture.

For anyone new to the hobby, Michael Jordan is one of the first athletes that pops into a collector’s mind of who they would like to start with.

With the main card everyone wants, the 1986 Fleer out of the reach price wise for most, everyone must turn to cheaper alternatives to begin their Jordan collection.

That’s what today’s topic is all about.  My top 10 cheap Michael Jordan cards one can pick up for their collection, or even buy as quick flips.  Jordan is arguably the easiest athlete to sell due to his popularity, so there is money to be made in these particular cards.  I’ve been selling these ones for the last few years so I know they are very popular among collectors.

With that being said, if you are looking for cards that are Michael Jordan investment pieces, this isn’t it.  If you’ve seen any of my videos, I love cheap cards.  Love buying them ungraded and getting them graded, but I have also had fun just buying them graded.

Cards that made this list are some of the more popular ones I have seen, mainly due to their design and price.

Without any further wait, let’s jump into my top 10 cheap Michael Jordan card pickups.

#10 1992 Topps Archives Card #52

Absolutely love this design.  Has the Bulls on the side.  2 photos of Jordan on it.  Color match with the text.  Jordan going up for a dunk wearing the throwback jersey.  Doesn’t get much better than this.

Ungraded these can be picked up for around $25.  PSA 10s can be a bit pricey at $600.  However, PSA 8s can be picked up for about $100.

#9 1989 Hoops Card #200

Old school Hoops is just an underrated brand.  Simply design with a basketball lane around Jordan.  You can pick these cards up for about $5 ungraded.  Can send these off to CSG and be into them for about $20 graded.  That’s a cheap graded Jordan card to have in your collection or to sell.  PSA 10s are about $215 so not too bad.  PSA 9 $50. 

#8 1998 Upper Deck Card #UDX

Love this design simply because it has a newspaper feel to it.  Says MICHAEL JORDAN RETIRES on it.  When Michael Jordan retired that was a HUGE deal.  Color coordinated with the Bulls colors.

Another cheap pickup at $2 ungraded.  PSA 10s sell for about $250.

#7 1990 Skybox Card #41

This is the card I remember the most from my childhood.  LOVED the Skybox brand as a kid.  The colors in the background, gold border.  The flares around the ball.  Just everything about this card screams buy me.

Cheap card to pick up upgraded at $4.    PSA 10s sell for about $500.  If you can pick up a bunch of these ungraded and send them off to either CSG or SGC and possibly get a 10 or a 9.5 there is money to be made in these.  SGC 10s sell for about $350.  $4 for the card + $28 to grade.  That’s a nice profit there should you do your homework and buy quality cards.

#6 1992 Upper Deck Card #488

Digging the shot of Jordan going up for a dunk with his mouth open.   Only draw back about the card is it says GAME FACES on it, which I’m not too hot on.  What I hot on is the price.  You can pick these cards up for $2 ungraded.  Lots of room there if you choose to get them graded and sell a few.  Last PSA 10 sold for $150.  PSA 9 $55.

#5 1997 Upper Deck Card #316

Great pic of Jordan slamming home a missed free throw from the 1997 All Star Game.  Hakeem Olajuwon in the background.  Just an awesome looking card.

About a $5 card to buy ungraded.  Haven’t seen a PSA 10 sell, but PSA 9s are about $70.  Very cool and cheap card to have in your collection from a memorable All Star Game moment.

#4 1992 Upper Deck Card #23

Love any Jordan card that has his jersey number.  This one is one of my favorites with him all alone going up for a dunk. 

$4 pick-up ungraded.  Nice white borders to hopefully make centering easy to spot and the edges grade a bit better should you choose to grade this card yourself.

PSA 10s about $400, but you can get a PSA 9 for around $90.

#3 1991 Skybox Card #534

If you are going to collect Jordan, you got to have a Dream Team card, right?  This is one of my favorites.  Has Barcelona running down the side and the year 1992.  Just a simply design.

They run about $10 ungraded, so a bit pricier than the others on this list.  PSA 10s are about $500 so there is tremendous value.  SGC 10 just $115 last sale.

#2 1991 Hoops Card #579


Speaking of the Dream Team, here is another option for you.  Nice little studio shot of Jordan.  Very simple.  I sort of like the fact that he has just a huge smile on his face in a shooting position. 

$5 ungraded and PSA 10s are about $200.  So very affordable card.


#1 1992 Upper Deck Card #67

The back-to-back MVP award card, winning the NBA league and finals MVP in 1991 and 1992.  Great dual image of Jordan with the MVP on the card.

Cheap card to pick up at $2!  Now that’s a nice buy.  PSA 10s about $250.  Nice card to try and get graded yourself with the white borders making those edges a bit easier.

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ebay shopper
ebay shopper

October 20, 2021

if you send 50 mint looking jordans to csg you will get 9’s and an occasional 9.5. They dont like giving 10s on 30 year old cards, even if they are pack fresh. PSA value is sky high because whose going to pay 150 to get a 2 dollar card graded? Csg 10s are the best purchase you can make right now. They cost less than PSA 10s and they are graded tougher than bgs. Those 500 dollar dreams are flooding the market with jordan 9s . the archives one is coming down in value the decade of excellence card is a better buy.

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