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Super Bowl MVP Autographs - Top 10 Most Valuable in 2018

February 13, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment

Nick Foles Autographed Eagles Mini Helmet - Powers Sports Memorabilia

With Nick Foles recently winning Super Bowl 52 MVP, it got me thinking.  Who are the most valuable Super BowlMVP autographs?

For the purpose of this article to compare apples to apples, I researched autographed football mini helmets for each player.  A popular sports memorabilia item to get autographed and easy to find pricing on.  These are mini helmets with no inscriptions, just autograph.  Pricing is based off most recent autograph signing.  Yes, you might be able to find an "in-person" autograph cheaper, but for this post I am using just paid autograph signing pricing.

Each item had to be authenticated by JSA, PSA, Beckett, or a 1st party company who conducted the signing with the player.  Learn about authentication.

Item also had to be a mini helmet of the team they won the Super Bowl MVP for.  So for Peyton Manningfor example, had to be an Indianapolis Colts mini helmet.

So where does Nick Foles rank?  Let's find out!  Here is my Top 10.  Also, check out the complete list at the bottom of the article. 


 #10 - Drew Brees

Led New Orleans Saints to their only Super Bowl win.  $239 for his ICE or Blaze minis.


 Drew Brees Autographed Saints Mini Helmet - Powers Sports Memorabilia


 #9 - Troy Aikman

Star Dallas CowboysQuarterback.  Autographed blaze minis come in at $249.

Troy Aikman Autographed Cowboys Blaze Mini Helmet - Powers Sports Memorabilia

 #8 Nick Foles

OK, so this list is coming out just a few weeks after Super Bowl 52.  So his price is at his highest point.  So I do recognize this may skew his positioning on this list.  But, here is where he falls.  Super Bowl MVP for the Philadelphia Eagles.  $249.

Nick Foles Autographed Eagles Mini Helmet - Powers Sports Memorabilia

#7 - Eli Manning

New York GiantsQuarterback.  Popular brother of Peyton Manning.  2 x Super Bowl Champion.  Famous play was pass to David Tyree.  $289 for an autographed Blaze Giants mini helmet..

Eli Manning Autographed Giants Blaze Mini Helmet - Powers Sports Memorabilia


#6 - Peyton Manning

Top 5 Quarterback of all-time.  His autographed mini helmets are probably more popular with the Denver Broncos, but he won Super Bowl MVP with the Indianapolis Colts.  Colts minis are $349.  Broncos autographed mini helmets $319 currently.


#5 - Joe Namath

"Broadway Joe."  Price has certainly risen lately on him.  $359.

Joe Namath Autographed Jets Mini Helmet

#4 - Bart Starr

Famous Green Bay Packers Quarterback.  Tough signature.  Played in 1st ever Super Bowl and Ice Bowl.  $399

#3 - Aaron Rodgers

Another popular Packers Quarterback.  Rodgers has proven himself to be top 5 QB in 2018.  Tough autograph, rarely signs.  $399.

#2 - Emmitt Smith

Arguably played on one of the best teams of all-time with the Dallas Cowboys.  This Hall of Famer comes in at $419.

Emmitt Smith Autographed Cowboys Mini Helmet - Powers Sports Memorabilia

#1 - Tom Brady

Cream of the crop when it comes to Quarterback and NFL autographs.   4 x Super Bowl MVP for the New England PatriotsHis autograph is the most expensive on this list.  $899.

 Tom Brady Autographed Patriots Mini Helmet - Powers Sports Memorabilia

Now for the full list.  Where does your favorite Super Bowl MVP rank?

Super Bowl MVP Autographs - Powers Sports Memorabilia

 Not into reading, here's a video breakdown!

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February 21, 2018

Where can I find a Joe Montana signed mini helmet for $169?

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