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The Autograph Most Collectors are Missing & Why This Top 5 NBA Player is so Undervalued

February 04, 2022 4 min read

The Autograph Most Collectors are Missing & Why This Top 5 NBA Player is so Undervalued

Today I want to talk about someone out in the sports memorabilia world, who I think is just so extremely undervalued. It's almost comical how undervalued this guy seems. Comment below, let me know after you read this what you guys think about this, but I just think Bill Russell, right now is so undervalued.

Now let's just crunch through some stats here. 11 time NBA Champion,five time NBA MVP, 12 time all-star. He won two titles at the University of San Francisco in college. He is a two time NBA champion as a coach, obviously a hall of Famer. The guy has stats upon stats upon stats. He's like the stat guru of the NBA. In my opinion, he just seems so undervalued.

Bill Russell right now from the autograph angle is 87 years old. He's not likely to be signing anymore. So whatever supply is out there is pretty much out there right now for Bill Russell. Jerseys and basketballs right now you can buy for 600 bucks. I mean, people are dropping double that for Luka Doncic, and you know, LeBron and Jordan and those kind of guys you want to pay 4x, 10x whatever it is for those guys, fine. I get it. Those two are probably the best two guys in the NBA. But for $600, I mean, people are gonna pay more for John Morant. Zion. Williamson's like a thousand bucks right now.

That seems cheap. You can buy an8 x 10 photo of him and that famous shot of him and Wilt Chamberlain for 350 bucks right now. It's just a head-scratcher. His 1957 Topps rookie card, only 767 have ever been graded by PSA, ever. There's a PSA six listed right now for $39,500. Now I'm not saying go out and buy that card. That's $40,000. That's a very, very nice vehicle right there, but just think about all these chumps out there that are just dropping bucks upon bucks for Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Luka Doncic, John Morant, Zion Williamson, you name it, whoever it is.

People are not blinking to drop that on a Josh Allen or a Patrick Holmes card. I mean, if you're just talking from an investment angle, what would you think would be better? Somebody who's kind of proven and might get injured or somebody that is 100% proven and is one of the top players in his sport of all time?

So why is he so undervalued? Here's why I think Bill Russell is undervalued and it has a lot to do with, first off, most collectors today didn't obviously see Bill Russell play. They don't really identify with him. It's not something that's kind of in their mix of something that they want to collect, and that I totally get. People want to collect stuff that they're interested in and I totally support that. That's exactly what you should always buy from an investments angle from a collecting, always buy something that you understand that you're interested in, that you think other people might be interested in, especially for your collection.

Obviously buy stuff that you like. And if you didn't grow up watching Bill Russell or don't really appreciate his game, which I think a lot of people are kind of in that realm. I had posted a video on Instagram of Ruth in Gary taking batting practice, which is so cool. But a lot of these new collectors, like these guys wouldn't stand a chance in today's game. Well, it's two different games. That was a totally different game that they played back then. I think people just don't think that Bill Russell could be as good with playing against a Shaquille O'Neal type and whatnot. That's probably true, I could see that argument, but again, it was two different types of games.

They had two different types of assets available to them from the strength and conditioning side from the video side and just a different type of game. So I think a lot of collectors are really like, "well, yeah, the stats look good, but I don't think he would be able to play with all these current players", and they're probably right.

But I still think that he is way undervalued. So my takeaway from today is if you like Bill Russell and you want to have something of hisin your collection, then I would probably be picking up something pretty quick. He's 87 years old right now. Even if you're looking at it from an investment angle, again, he's not going to be signing anymore. I can't imagine that many more of his rookie cards getting graded by PSA. I just think Bill Russell, when his time comes, and he passes along from this earth. I think that people are going to finally start to appreciate him and be like, "wow, this guy was actually really iconic in this world of sport." and I think at that point it might be too late. The prices might be way too high and you may have missed the boat on him.

So don't be that guy, if you like him and you value him and you think he's a great player, and you like to have something in your collection, pick it up, now is a great time. Not much is coming on the market and prices are only going to be going up on him.

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