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Tom Brady RETIRES! What Does His Autograph Future Look Like & What Items to Buy

February 04, 2022 7 min read 1 Comment

Tom Brady RETIRES! What Does His Autograph Future Look Like & What Items to Buy

Well, Tom Brady has retired from the NFL at the age of 67. Boy, it sure feels like Tom's been in the league for a few decades here. I think he's the only player to win a Super Bowl in three different decades. I mean, that's insane, especially from the quarterback position where, I mean one injury you're out and you know, there's always somebody gunning for you and it's always the highly competitive position, but I love Tom and, you know, Tom and I were, were born in the same city. We went to the same high school, so full disclosure I'm very partial to Tom Brady. I know it's 2022 and you can identify with anything you want nowadays, so I am going to identify as Tom Brady's brother.

So we're close. We're going to spend Thanksgivings together now, and he's going to be signing a whole bunch of autographs for me. That's how it's going to go. So Tom, if you're reading, man, that's what we're going to do. If you don't know, Tom was actually a very good baseball player. He was a left-handed hitting catcher in high school and actually ended up getting drafted for the Major League Draft. I mean, it's a big deal, but there's literally like 10 million picks in the MLB draft. If you know someone at an organization there, they'll draft you in like the 47th round, like it doesn't cost them anything. It's nothing. So it's a big deal and don't get me wrong, but it's not like they're the NFL where there's only seven rounds.

Anyway, Tom retires now, of course there's a huge run on his autographs and cards. So that's what today's topic is going to be all about. Now that he's retired. What does Tom Brady's autograph future look like, and what items should we be buying? So, first off, what does his autograph future look like? Well, he's probably going to be with Fanatics for quite some time. If you don't know, Tom is an exclusive of Fanatics and he's a cash cow.

Fanatics has got billions and billions and billions of dollars and no shortage of change. No one can pay him as much as they're paying him. They're never going to let Tom Brady go. No one is going to ever take Tom Brady away from Fanatics. Unless, and I'll get to that in just a second here. Tom Brady takes himself away from Fanatics.

Tom's got his own Brady brand. It'd be kind of interesting to see if he ever pulls like the autograph side of his brand into his own kind of umbrella. I mean, it's definitely a lot easier for him now to sign for Fanatics as they handle all the distribution and all that kind of stuff and they've got stuff listed on the NFL's website. So I don't know. I don't think they ever do that, but it'd be interesting to see if he puts that under the Brady brand at some point.

But now that he's retired, I do expect Tom to maybe sign a little bit more, maybe one extra signing a year, kind of something that you would do during the season. So now that he's not playing, he's got a little bit of time there. Maybe we'll get one more signing out a Tom throughout the year. So that'd be good.

Public autograph signings, I get this asked all the time about Tom, is he going to do a public autograph signing at some point? No, let me just reiterate that. No, no, no. I would love to see it. Don't get me wrong. I would be in line right with you guys. I would be forking over my 2,000 or 3,000 Bucs and get my items signed and move on, but there's just no reason to do that. Tom sells so well and it would just be chaotic. Can you imagine if Tom Brady did a signing at the National one year?

Jeez. Tell me you would not tell your kids, be like "listen, little Johnny. I know this private school is, you know, really good for you, but Tom Brady is going to be at the National next year and I've got to pull you out of school, cause we're going to need some money to go to Chicago and get some stuff signed."

You know some degenerates out there would do that, 100%. They would pull their kids out of private school so they can get some money to go get a Tom Brady autograph. Honestly, for one year, I couldn't blame them. As long as you put them back into school the next year I would be okay with that.

The value of his autograph is not going down. The price is not going down. Fanatics is not going to charge anything cheaper. Fanatics likes to do that with their guys. They slowly increase the price over time. And a lot of that has to do with sometimes their contracts go up, but they like to slowly increase the price. They know who's valuable and who's not, and Tom is valuable. Tom is a 7x Super Bowl champion, 5x Super Bowl MVP. That's good. Those are some great stats right now.

So now that we know that Tom is retired, what items should we be buying? Now for your collection, you buy whatever you want. I say that a million times in the show and people still ask me about that. So your collection, you do what you want. Investment angle, it's a whole different ball game here. You know, you can kind of combine the two and a lot of people like to have their stuff go up in value that they're putting into their collection.

So don't let anybody shame you for collecting and investing at the same time. Do what you want. So what do we buy for Tom Brady? Well, now that we know what the Superbowl number is, and the MVP number is, it's the perfect time to pick up items with those inscriptions. Anything with "7x Super Bowl Champ", "5x Super Bowl MVP", dual inscribed items with both of those on there are absolutely golden.

Also keep this in mind, as athletes tend to age they don't really want to do a whole bunch of inscription sometimes. I saw this with Tommy Lasorda, handwriting becomes kind of a challenge as you get older, not to say Tom Brady is anywhere near that. I'm not suggesting that. But inscriptions are just not something that they're interested in doing as they get older, they just want to sign the items and move on. This isn't true for everyone, but it's something that does happen. So something to keep in mind when you're buying Tom Brady items is, if you want to get an item with an inscription now, that is definitely a great way to help hold the value of that item because his inscription price isn't going to go down at all.

That's definitely going to be on the rise. Maybe not next year, maybe not the year after that. As less inscription become available, each one of these signings he's doing, they're going to be highly, highly sought after. So I would be picking up any items with those kinds of inscriptions, but really any item that you like with the inscription.

Helmets are a great pickup too that aren't being made anymore. For example, like the blaze helmets. If you can find one of those with an inscription, any custom made helmets. Most of these are going to come with Tristar certs on them because Fanatics doesn't allow custom helmets at their signings. However, what people do is they customize it afterwards. Fanatics knows this. So just FYI people do do that. They send in the licensed helmet and then they customize it afterwards. Nothing I can do about that, but, I think they're going to maybe make some changes in that area, but custom helmets are pretty cool.

I made a video on one that was a half Michigan and half Patriots one, and I've done a video on that and I'll put it up here, but it's absolutely stunning, but those are kind of cool. I mean, unique stuff like that, you know there's not a whole bunch of those out there. Again, helmets and jerseys are only going to start costing more in the future. Plastic is going to be going up in pricing, labor is going to be going up in pricing, people sewing these jerseys together. So anything like that is going to be a solid pickup right now, due to the cost of goods rising. Superbowl footballs can be tough to find some times too.

This is another common question we get about Tom Brady. What teams are going to hold the best value? Is it going to be Bucs? Is it going to be Patriots, Michigan stuff. Listen. I know the Bucs are sexy right now. They got some cool unique stuff. He played there most recently. It's going to be the Patriot stuff. He won six Super Bowls with them. That's the answer right there. It's going to be the Patriot stuff. Gotta get Patriot stuff. If you want it to kind of hold the most value over time, not to say the Buck stuff is not going to have value, it definitely hundred percent is, but look at it this way with like Joe Montana, if Joe Montana had won a Super Bowl with the Chiefs, what would that stuff be like as opposed to like his 49er or stuff? Still very popular, obviously Chiefs fans are rabid fans. We love our Chiefs around here, but, it's not going to compare on the national scale versus his 49er years.

Remember with Brady we're only buying Fanatics or Tristar authenticated autographs with the numbered hologram on there and it's in the respective databases. Yes. Holograms for any company can be faked. So just do your homework on the autograph. Make sure everything's in that database. Tristar is who he signed with before Fanatics, so their stuff is good. The new Brady stuff I've talked about this before is really, really cool.

It comes with that notarized letter of authenticity, which so cool. I love those things. Anything to separate the frauds and whatnot and make it harder for people to do fraudulent things. Anything we can do there, that's a big, big bonus.

Also keep in mind too. Tom Brady is very, very difficult to do in person autographs. He rarely if ever signs at games or at training camps and he's got a super sloppy in-person autograph. Very tough to third-party authenticate. If you find something that's cheap, it's third-party authenticated, it's a real sloppy autograph, you're really taking chances there. So I would strongly suggest buying something that's Tristar or Fanatics authenticated.

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Matthew Baron
Matthew Baron

September 01, 2023

Great advice that’s the way I did it.

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