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The TOP 5 BARRY BONDS Autographs To Be Collecting TODAY!

June 30, 2021 8 min read 1 Comment

The TOP 5 BARRY BONDS Autographs To Be Collecting TODAY!

So Barry Bonds has kind of been a name that's been thrown around a lot lately about buying his autographs, and is he gonna be something to invest in, is he hall of fame worthy, all this stuff here and so it got me thinking. What would I do here? Is Barry Bonds someone I would be investing in? If I was, what would be the top five items I would get on Barry Bonds?

So first off before we start getting into the items here, let's talk about, is Barry Bonds someone that you should be investing in, and let's talk about a little bit history with Bonds. The deal with Barry Bonds is that his autograph value is literally tied in with whether or not he gets in the hall of fame. 100%, Barry Bonds gets in the hall of fame, his autograph pricing goes way up. Did he use steroids? Who knows? This is not the video for that debate, but does Barry Bonds actually pass the eye test? Meaning, do you think Barry Bonds was one of the best players of all time, and personally I would say yes. I think his numbers obviously definitely back him up, but I am a little bit biased as he did go to the same high school as me so I kind of give him a little bit of a leeway there, but Barry Bonds definitely passes the eye test as being one of the best players of all time. Let's just run through some quick stats with him. The guy hit 762 home runs. How many of those were good and clean? We don't know. Again, this is not the video for debating on that. 22 years in the big leagues he ended up hitting 73 home runs in one year, that year was just incredible by the way, I mean incredible. The guy was getting intentional walks with bases loaded. I mean you're never going to see that. He was a seven time MVP, seven times he was the National League most valuable player. Made 14 all-star games. He was an eight-time Gold Glover as well.

I mean just going back to the steroids talk. I mean yes, potentially, that's obviously gonna help you with your strength, but your defense, I don't think it's gonna necessarily help you with your defense, but he won eight Gold Gloves. He finished with a 162.8 career W.A.R., so wins above replacement, which is the most ever. That's just incredible. So let's get into his hall of fame voting stats because we know that his hall of fame is basically tied into his autograph value. 2017 he's about 54%, 2020 he's about 60 – 61%, so he's gained about 1.75$ each year. He's got six more years on the ballot, so that's gonna put him at about 70% if he gains at the same exact value. Now he's got to get to 75 percent to get in so obviously at that particular rate he won't be getting in the hall of fame. Of course he could always get voted in by a veterans committee, but his relationship with the media has not always been great so I don't know if that would happen, but either way you slice it if you buy Barry Bonds autographs today at a minimum, you're looking at like probably six years before he gets into the hall of fame, so six years, maybe longer, if he doesn't get in on the direct vote and gets in on the veterans committee. So you're looking at a long time to recoup your investment.

Let's say you buy a baseball now for $150, I mean what's he gonna sell for when he gets in the hall of fame? $250 or so? So it's just not a huge uptick when he gets into the hall of fame and my advice to you on Barry Bonds is only buy his autograph if you absolutely loved him as a player. Not necessarily as an investment right now. Now as we get closer to the hall of fame and he gets up to maybe let's say 73 percent in year seven and he's got a big shot of getting into the hall of fame, the next year then yeah that would probably be a time I would maybe consider investing in Bonds, but as of right now I think we're still at least six years out, maybe more, and right now it's just not a very good investment for you in my opinion. With that being said if you love Bonds and you're a huge Giants fan, absolutely, 100% you got to have his autograph in your collection. The guy in my opinion is a top 10 baseball player of all time. He had all the tools if you're talking about genetics wise. Like Bonds had it all. He was born to play baseball. The guy just had a pedigree unlike anything else. I mean obviously Bobby Bonds was his father. His godfather was Willie Mays. I mean gosh the genetic line is just absolutely there. So what would be the top five autographed Barry Bonds items that you want to have in your collection as of today?

Number five let's just go with a standard major league baseball. Now I know you're saying, “Oh there’s nothing really flashy about that.” Listen, if you've seen any of my videos, if you've seen the ones I've done on Willie Mays and all that stuff, the number one collectible item is autographed baseballs. It's what collectors want, they’re easy to display, they're usually one of the least expensive items on the market right now, you can get a nice Bonds baseball for about $150 JSA authenticated. Key with Bonds is like many athletes, his signature has changed over time. If you can find one of his older signatures, one of those nice BBS ones. Those ones are really cool. Obviously he's not signing like that today, He's got more of a full signature but I always like those vintage signatures. I think those are always just cool with collectors because obviously they're not signing like that anymore.

Number four and I mentioned his name previously is anything signed with Willie Mays. Anything dual signed with Willie Mays is a great option. Obviously you're going to be looking at mainly baseballs and bats. I did see a baseball dual signed by both of them and I believe it also had Andre Dawson on there too. That one was about $500 or so. If you can find one with just them two on there, that is such a unique collectible. Mainly because Willie Mays just is not signing anymore. Both these guys are in of course the 600 homerun club. Bonds is in the 700 homerun club, but Mays hit 660 home runs. They both played for the Giants and of course Mays is his godfather. So the connection there is absolutely undeniable and getting those two on a ball would be absolutely fantastic. Heck if you got one with Bobby Bonds on there too, which is super rare, that would be even cooler. So something to keep in mind when you're out there looking for a Barry Bonds autograph.

Number three is another autographed baseball. This one is with the 73 home run inscription. Of course bonds obviously holds that record as of right now. I don't see anybody coming close to his 73 home runs anytime soon. This is a very unique collectible. I mean really any Bonds ball with a nice inscription on there is something that you definitely should have in your collection. These run about $600 so they are a little pricey, but again if I remember, Bonds last signing which was probably five to seven years ago, he was four to five hundred dollars an autograph and inscriptions were maybe 200 or so if I'm correct. So he was already expensive back then. So if you can find one now with the 73 home run or 762 definitely pick that up for your collection because inscriptions are just very rare on Barry Bonds item.

Number two here, a Barry Bonds signed Giants jersey. These can be tough to find and they can be expensive. They're looking at a $1,000+ but like I said in the beginning, if Bonds is your guy, if you really like Barry Bonds, then you probably believe he's a top 10 player of all time. He should be on your wall in a framed jersey 100%. No ifs, ands, or buts is he the best Giants player of all time. I mean people are going to debate with you with Willie Mays and whatnot. I would say he's definitely top two obviously, and again you got to get an officially licensed Bonds jersey. Find a nice quality one. You're gonna have to get it framed, of course that's gonna cost you a couple hundred extra bucks, but get a nice officially licensed jersey and put that up on your wall. I mean it's just gonna be looking so cool, especially if bonds is your favorite player.

Number one is probably gonna surprise you here a little bit. If you've watched any of my videos I'm not too keen on these items, but it's a Barry Bonds autographed bat. Now I personally don't like bats. The main reason I don't like bats is, and this is what I base pretty much all my analysis off of, is what items I get in and what sell the fastest. For me, autographed bats just really aren't up on that list at all. So my rationale is that customers really don't want this item too much. They are a little bit funky to display. You've got to get some sort of wall mountable case. You could display it on your desk but it's going to take up a whole bunch of room and if I'm paying a premium autograph for an item I want to get it on a jersey for baseball guys. That's just me. I know a lot of collectors like autographed bats, especially game used bats. Game used bats I totally get that. That's a whole other category there, that makes sense to me, but just standard autographed bats aren't my thing. But for bonds, this is the number one item for this particular reason. You can find authentic, quality, autographed bats, right now, for under $300. Think about that. Bonds was obviously really great with the stick in his hand and finding a premium item for that price, I mean that's called bang for your buck right there. Big bang for your buck. So that's why it's number one is really because of its affordability on a premium item, and that's just a steal right there.

I mean if he gets into the hall of fame, going back into the investment thing, if he gets into the hall of fame, autographed bats are going to be double that price for sure. Anything with the hall of fame inscription is going to be $750+. So if you were to invest in something, I mean autographed bats are the way to go just because it's a premium autograph and it's way cheaper now than what his autograph is gonna be if he gets into hall of fame, and does an autograph signing, 100%. So my advice to you if you are going to pick up an item and you want to pick it up for your favorite player, but also maybe do a little bit of investment on the side, a bat autograph would be the way to go, and that's why it's my number one item.

So hope you guys like that list. I hope you guys learned a little bit about Bonds and his investment and the type of items to get.

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Jennifer Cutler
Jennifer Cutler

May 02, 2023

I have an aluminum Barry bonds Franklin bat, it looks as lif it has been autographed. It is on the handle. I am not sure if it is a Barry bonds autograph. How do I find out?

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