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The TOP NBA Autographs in 2021? The Ultimate Guide for Autos Going UP in Value!

June 04, 2021 6 min read

The TOP NBA Autographs in 2021? The Ultimate Guide for Autos Going UP in Value!

So the 2020 NBA season ended like three weeks ago, and training camp is about to start depending on when you're watching this video, and the season's just around the corner and autograph pricing card pricing is going up already. So it got me thinking. What autographs do I see going up in value? So I'm going to be giving you a couple of current and also past picks and I'm gonna be giving you five total players that I see are gonna be pretty much a guarantee, kind of like our national debt, to be going up here.

So as with anything, please do your own research, don't take my word for it. I'm right, I'm wrong sometimes, but again always do your own research. The point of this video is just to give you a little bit of perspective and hopefully help you in making decisions on which players you think are going to be going up in value, because hey, we all want to make money right? So let's go ahead and jump into this list here in no particular order.

#5: Luka Doncic

Number five on this list is Luka Doncic. Can you really go wrong with anything on Luka? He is arguably the face of the NBA. The guy averaged almost a triple double last year. Think about this, how many people in high school do you know that actually got a triple double? Probably one right? That's impossible to do at the NBA level. He's a talented player, I don't need to tell you that. I like that he is a Fanatics exclusive guy, and here's why.

There's going to be great quality coming out, officially licensed items, and the Fanatics brand is going to be retaining value with Luka. I actually just had conversation with a guy that he was looking to buy a Fanatic jersey, it was a Zion jersey, and he wanted to know if the box came with it. You know, like to him the Fanatics box actually added value to the jersey, and I was like aren't you going to frame this thing? That just goes to show you that people are actually standing behind this brand and they do see a big long-term value in the actual brand here. He hasn't signed with them for quite some time so I see him signing hopefully rather soon. I've talked to my rep there a couple times about it, no firm dates or anything like that, but eventually he will sign with them.

As far as pricing goes. I mean I'm looking at probably $300 to $350 for balls would be my guess. Jerseys are gonna be probably the $500 - $600 range, still cheap in my opinion if you look at LeBron's prices. Now granted LeBron is one of the greatest players of all time. I'm not comparing them, but look at what LeBron charges for jerseys. I mean heck even look at Zion. That's still cheaper than Zion. I mean who would you rather pick up, Zion or Luka? In my opinion I would go with Luka. I think he's gonna be, if he stays healthy, the face of the NBA, and has a chance to be a top 10 NBA player of all time, and that's saying something.

#4: Jayson Tatum

Number four on this list is Jayson Tatum. Kind of a shocker, I know. I'm still big on Tatum and here's why. He plays for an iconic franchise in a huge market for the Boston Celtics. I'm big on players playing in huge markets. They got bigger fan bases, he's on a playoff team, just signed that huge contract, and again he's also a Fanatics guy. So the pricing is going to be relatively high, he's not going to be signing a ton, meaning he's not going to be signing with everybody under the moon. Maybe once, maybe twice a year with Fanatics official license, high quality product. It's going to retain its value because of the Fanatics brand assuming you got that jersey box. I see basketballs being about $250 to $300. I still think that's fairly cheap for Tatum, and jersey's $400 or so. I did hear though he just did a signing a couple days ago, so that was first week of December depending on when you're watching this video, and I did hear that the pricing was going up for the next signing, so just something to keep in mind if you're looking to pick up Jayson Tatum.

#3: Jerry West

Number three on this list is a hall of famer and I still think extremely undervalued, Jerry West. I don't need to tell you who Jerry West is, but in case you don't know he is the face of the NBA logo. Huge fan base, this is not a quick turnaround quick flip investment. This one it may take a few years to pay off. I do see basketballs of him right now for like $135. I think that's extremely cheap with him. Those are with Steiner Sports Authentication. He's 82 years old right now and you know when Jerry West passes and that'll happen at some time, that's just the nature of the autograph industry and life itself, there's going to be a huge rush for his stuff. Especially items with inscriptions like Mr. Clutch. So I would be looking to pick those up if I can find a nice deal on those and just sit on them for a little bit. There's just going to be a rush, it's just part of the game with the autograph industry. Something that you always got to be looking at, but again Jerry West is the logo of the NBA. I mean that's just insane. I think $135 for a basketball is just way too cheap not to get.

#2: Bill Russell

Number two on this list is Bill Russell. Kind of along the same lines as Jerry West here. 11 time NBA champion, you are just not going to see that happening again anytime soon. I think if you combine Jordan and LeBron's titles there's still not as many as Bill Russell had, and those are two of the greatest players of all time. Played for an iconic franchise with the Boston Celtics. Again, I talked about that. Basketball is right now about $350 to $400. Not cheap by any means, but I still think a rather decent value.

Here's what I'd be looking to pick up on him. There's a great image out there of him and Wilt Chamberlain. I think that's an iconic image, you can usually find that in the larger size in the 16 by 20 size. I would be picking those up. Any picture with Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain just because they were so intertwined. Again, those aren't going to be signed, but I think you can find nice quality deals with just Russell's signature on those. Russell is 84 years old people, so again it's just something people don't want to talk about but he's not going to be here forever. Something to keep in mind when you're looking to pick up some autographs off this list.

#1: Michael Jordan

Number one. This guy is always going up in value, always. I don't use the word always lightly, but this one's always going up in value, and that is Michael Jordan. I know this is not a shocker to you guys but he is the most sought after basketball autograph ever. What should you buy in him? Anything. Anything Jordan, sells. The Jordan brand is absolutely iconic and there are still deals to be had out there on Michael Jordan. Now look, if you're looking to buy something off Upper Decks website and sell it this year or next year and make some money, that's probably not going to happen. They just did a huge price increase on their jerseys. I don't know, they are now $12,000 or $15,000 I mean who knows. They're expensive right? You're not gonna make money right now on that but there are still deals to be had if you can find collectors in Facebook groups, auction sites, I definitely will be searching Facebook groups.

There are some really nice Michael Jordan collector groups out there that have bought some Upper Deck authenticated items which you should always buy. From Michael Jordan, always buy Upper Deck authenticated items. He's always signed with them, don't buy anything else. People that bought these 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 years ago, and they got a great deal on it, obviously. His price increase has gone up and they're looking to sell. They need some money for a down payment on a house or whatever it is. You can find really good deals in Facebook groups. So that's what I would be looking for on Jordan. Again, there are just great deals to be had on him. I just had a guy offer me a jersey probably like a week or two ago for $3,000 on Jordan. So you look at what they're selling them on the website there, $3,000 for a Jordan jersey, again maybe not a quick flip, but is that going in down the value? Definitely not. Again he's the most sought after autograph probably on the planet, but definitely for basketball.

So hopefully this list helps you guys out. If you guys got any questions let me know. Again tell me if I missed anybody who you think is me going up in value next year or maybe in the next few years.

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