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Time to Sell Your Autographs? Here's What You Need to Know to Make it a Success

June 23, 2017 2 min read

OK so you've made a decision to sell some of your sports memorabiliaautographs. What's next?  Here are 5 things you should do to help maximize your sale and make it as easy as possible.  Sorry, I cannot purchase any of your autographs.

Kris Bryant Signed Cubs Jersey

#1 - Sell stuff people actually want.  I know this sounds harsh, but not everyone is interested in the 2006 team signed Milwaukee Brewers baseball you have.  While you may have spent days collecting the autographs, it probably isn't worth much on the open market.  Pick items that appeal to a broad range of people.  Focus on items that will actually get you a return.  I remember when I first started selling autographs, I thought college baseball signed jerseys would be cool to sell.  Heck, I played college baseball, I know the market.  Bad move, sat on them for a LONG time, still sitting on a few.  Nothing worse than spending time and money on items that don't sell.

#2 - Learn how to write quality item descriptions.  Think about every possible question your buyer could ask and answer that question in the item description.  What size is the jersey?  When was it signed?  Who authenticated it?  Any issues with the jersey?  When can it ship?  Who signed it?  Stuff like that.  Also helps to write a little bit about the player.  Not everyone knows who Kris Bryantis.

#3 - Take quality images.  Pictures sell.  Most people have an iPhone or something similar.  These all take high quality pictures.  You can use a free program like GIMP to Photoshop images.  Take images of everything your customer would ask for.  Images of the item, signature, and COA.

#4 - Pick a marketplace to sell your items online, we all know how those are.  Craigslist is a waste of time.  Don't do it.  If you have a larger, quality collection you want to move at one time, you may reach out to an auction house to have them sell it for you.  What is nice about that is they do #2, #3, and #5 for you.

#5 - Learn how to ship!  One of the most important parts of selling an item.  Don't cheap out on this part.  If you don't know what you are doing, take it to a UPS store or FedEx Office and have them pack it for you.

Here is how to ship photos...


How to ship baseballs....



Powers Sports Memorabilia was started by me, Matt Powers as a way for sports autograph and celebrity memorabilia enthusiasts and collectors to have a high-quality product available at affordable pricing.  You deal directly with me when ordering anything from my company, so I ensure you get the best quality service and personal care you deserve.  Let me be YOUR sports memorabiliaguy!

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