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PATIENCE - An Important Characteristic of Collecting Autographs

June 16, 2017 2 min read

I know this may seem odd coming from someone within the autograph industry, but I always speak the truth.  Patience is arguably the most important characteristic when it comes to saving money when buying sports memorabilia autographs.

Yes, we can all attempt to be great negotiators, buy items on sale or in bulk to save $.  However, buying the autograph at the right time and sometimes WAITING, can save you the most money in the long run.

Take Aaron Judge for example.  He is having a HUGE year for the New York Yankees.  Potential Rookie of the Year and MVP.  The demand for him is through the roof.  Signed JSA baseballs that were once selling for $100 are now going upwards of $500.  Scarcity has driven the price way up. 

Aaron Judge

Is Aaron Judge a $500 autograph right now?  Of course not, that is Derek Jeter'srange. Here is where patience comes in.  If you wait until his next signing, Judge's price will probably be half of that at most.  So right there you just saved 50%.

Yes, I know we all wait to give in to that excitement.  We want that autograph NOW!  Remember, kids make decisions based on emotion, adults make decisions based on facts.  Think critically and logically before buying a "hot" autograph.  Ask yourself "is this what the price will be at his next signing?"  We certainly don't want to pick up a Jeremy Lin autograph at its height.  Remember that hysteria? 


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