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Tom Brady Autographed Memorabilia - What Do You Get?

January 21, 2018 2 min read

Tom Brady Autographed Memorabilia - What Do You Get?

Assuming you don't absolutely hate the Patriots, a Tom Brady autograph is a MUST for your sports memorabilia collection.  But what do you get?  Let's take a look.

Generally speaking, I normally don't recommend getting a ton of signed jerseys.  They take up too much room on your wall, you have to get them framed, and the cost of them is usually the most expensive item for that player.  But Brady is different.  Here's why.

Brady is obviously going to go down as the greatest Quarterback to every play in the NFL.  Possibly the greatest player of all-time.    5 Super Bowl titles as of 2017.  4 x Super Bowl MVP.  Future Hall of Famer.  Brady is as good as it gets.  So the best player deserves the best type of item correct?  One that can be displayed properly and shown off.

Brady's autograph is expensive.  No way around it.  When mini helmets cost over $600 you know you are talking about spending a good chuck on change for him.  When a player is as expensive as Brady is, you are almost forced to collect premium items (footballs, helmets, and jerseys), simply because the price for those items is so close to the price of the lesser items (photos and mini helmets).  Much more bang for your buck.  So a Patriots signed jersey is the BEST way to go.  I would go with the blue color as that is the team's home jersey.

Tom Brady Autographed Patriots Jersey

As with any Tom Brady autograph, make sure it is TRISTARauthenticated (the only company he signs for).   THAT IS THE ONLY AUTHENTICATION A LEGIT TOM BRADY PAID AUTOGRAPH WILL COME WITH.  

When you get the jersey framed, don't skimp on the details.  Get UV protected glass, acid-free matting, and a real wood frame.  This item is going to be the centerpiece of your ENTIRE sports memorabilia collection, don't screw it up!

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