Getting Your Autograph Authenticated - Who Should You Use?



I get this question just about every week.  Who should I use to get my autograph authenticated?

Let me be clear, when it comes to 3rd party autograph authentication there are only 3 companies you should use: Beckett Authentication, James Spence Authentication (JSA), and PSA/DNA.  That is it.  No one else.  These are the only 3 companies in which adding their authentication to your autographed item increases the value.

Who you use depends on your preference, where you are located, what type of item you are getting authenticated, and how quickly you want it done.  Typically, because of their location in the Hollywood area, PSA has been the go-to for celebrity autographs.  Beckett, which just recently started, has former PSA authenticator Steve Grad on its' team, so they are just as viable for celebrity autographs.  JSA works great on sports and vintage autographs (does celebrity too), as does PSA and Beckett.  Beckett is located in Texas and JSA in New Jersey and Florida.  Pricing may vary slightly from company to company, but generally speaking they all charge about the same.    Turnaround time is very important as well.  In my experience, JSA has been very quick to turnaround items.  Generally speaking, it usually takes about 3-4 weeks to get your item back from either of the 3 companies.  Always call beforehand if you need an item done by a certain date.


Recent Twitter poll below indicates who some might use (very small sample size).  

Autograph Authentication Poll


To summarize, here are the 3 determining factors on who you should use?

1.) Location of company

2.) Type of autograph getting authenticated

3.) How quickly you want it done


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