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May 07, 2021 9 min read 1 Comment


Well Erling Haaland has become one of the hottest players, not just in the soccer card market, but in the sports card market overall. Today we're going to be talking about his Topps 10 cards. Let me give you an example here, his 2019 Topps Chrome Bundesliga card, number 72, is a PSA 10. Back in December, it was an $800 card. Four months later, here in March of 2021, the last sale on that card was $3,200. So a 4x return in just four short months, absolutely incredible. If you don't know who Haaland is, hey, don't worry you're not alone. Back in September of 2020 I brought on the guys from Soccer Cards United, Jason and Enzo. Make sure you guys give them a follow over there on Instagram. They run a great funny podcast about, of course, soccer cards. I brought them on to talk about who are some of the players that we should be picking up. Because the soccer card market had been blowing up at the time, and of course us Americans, we know some of the American players, but we're not very familiar about the European guys, and one of the guys they had mentioned was Haaland.

Currently placed with Borussia Dortmund in Germany, which of course is known for developing young talent. Potentially a big transfer gonna be coming up here in the summer of 2021. Not sure which club that might be, Chelsea or whatnot, but he could be moving on to a very prominent club. So after talking with Jason and Enzo I began to pick up some of Haaland's cards. I've got two boxes of the 2019 Topps Chrome Bundesliga. I was able to pull out two Haalands from there and got those graded as a PSA 10. I also picked up a refractor ungraded of that same exact card. I picked that one up for $700, which seemed very expensive at the time. I got super lucky and got that graded as a PSA 10, but I will talk about that card a little bit later. Again, I've had a ton of success with Haaland and I thought I would share with not just the European guys, but of course the Americans who are just starting to learn about Haaland. What his Topps 10 cards are.

Currently his prices are extremely high. He's a very hot player right now. So as of right now you may have missed the boat on some of these cards. However, I would still be looking for some deals on some of these cards. Maybe in some soccer Facebook groups or moving on to some undervalued cards that you can find on Haaland. Again, some of these are gonna be very expensive but there are some more affordable ones on this list. As with anything please do your own research before buying any Haaland cards. Again, if you believe in the guy, and you like the guy, and you think he's going to have some value in the future please pick him up, but always do your own research. Don't just listen to somebody here on YouTube. Always make your own decisions that are best for you and your collection. Also for the sake of this video I'm just going to be referring to everything as soccer and cards. I know our European guys want me to refer to it as football and stickers, but just because I'm based here in the United States and most of my audience are Americans, we're going to be referring to it as soccer and also cards. Alright, so let's go ahead and jump into this top 10 list.


The 2019 Topps Living UEFA Champions League - card number 154. Interesting card. Not for everyone. It's not the best looking card out there. There's some really sharp ones on this list. It's just kind of a picture of Haaland. It’s not really an action shot. It does have some color matching to the Dortmund uniform which is kind of nice. PSA 10 population on this card right now only at 181, so very nice card. Last sale on this one was $400 on March 10th.


The 2020 Topps x BVB - card number 25. Although not a rookie, I do love the black on black with the jersey in the background matching. The name in white to match the ball in the uniform. It's just kind of a sharp looking card. Solid action shot. It's also available as an autographed card. Tough to find on those. Only two have ever been graded for the autographed one. The last sale on the non-autographed card which was $400 on March 17th and a PSA 10 population report of only 405 on this one.


 The 2019 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Footballer Flash - card number FFEH. Sweet sweet looking insert. Nice action shot of Haaland. It's also available as an autographed one, and also different color parallels as reflect refractors. I love color parallels. If you can find one that matches the jersey, for him, it'd be like a gold refractor. Those are very sought after but they look absolutely sharp. Current PSA 10 population report on this card, 15. Just 15. So if you're one of those lucky 15 out there you've got a great card. Last sale on this one was March 6th of at $920 bucks so not too bad.


The 2019 Finest UEFA Champions League Prize Footballers - card number EHA. Another solid insert. Love how it's got his full name on the card, that's very cool. A little tip though, if you're looking for the PSA population report on this card, make sure you type in his middle name. Otherwise it will not pop up for you. It's also available as a gold and a red refractor and a super refractor, one of one which is already graded at PSA 9. So if that person has that card and you're watching, congratulations, you've got a very expensive card. Current PSA 10 population report just 59. Last sale was $2,500 on March 14th. These cards are getting expensive man.


The 2019 Finest UEFA Championship- card number 116. Love the color coordination of the card with his name, matches the uniform. It's just so cool when stuff matches up on a card. I'm just a big fan of the color parallels that match up, but also when the base card matches the color of the team colors as well. PSA 9 population report on this one is only 22.  PSA 10 pop of just 4, so very tough card to find. The last sale on a PSA 9 was for $1,500 on March 15th. If you can find this card, which obviously is very tough, I would definitely snag one up. This is one of my favorite cards on this list, but it's just incredibly tough to find.


The 2019 Finest UEFA Champions League - card number 91. Nice color coordination with the name and the jersey number. It's also available in various refractor color parallels, so be looking for those. PSA 10 population report of 269. Last sale was $2,300 on March 17th.


The 2019 Topps Chrome Bundesliga - card number 72. This is the first card I started with Haaland. I pulled two of them out of those boxes that I had purchased off eBay for $600, and this one for example I got both of those graded and I got PSA 10s on them. I actually ended up selling those for $750. So at that time I was like “Wow, that seems like a great deal!”, but as you're going to find out here in a second that probably wasn't the best of choices. This card's also available in the autographed version and there's various refractor color parallels. Those are highly sought after. For this card, on the base card, the PSA 10 population is 442. Last sale on this card was on March 16th for $3,200. So from when I sold it is about a $2,500 price difference. I had two of them, what I should have done was just sold one and kept one just to see what was gonna happen, but I didn't. I sold both of them. But hey, lessons learned, I probably should have kept one of those.


The 2019 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Sapphire Edition - card number 74. This is a very stunning card. Great set. I've purchased a couple of these cards and they are a very tough grade. This one's also available in a green, orange, purple, and yellow parallels. Be looking for those. If you get these cards in person and ungraded, they have print lines everywhere it seems like. At least the ones that I've looked at. So a very tough grade. It's going to be hard to get this card ungraded and get it graded as a PSA 10. PSA 10 population report on this card is 153 so not very many out there. Last sale was $4,100 on March 17th.


I've owned this one at a particular time. It is the 2019 Topps Chrome Bundesliga - card number 72. So this is the refractor version of card number four. Again, I got lucky, I bought this one ungraded for $700. I ended up getting a PSA 10 on it, so I was into the card for about $800 or so with grading. The current PSA 10 population report on this one is only 75. So I had one of the 75 that were out there. I sold it for $3,000 and I thought I was I'm doing pretty good. I about 3x my money on that, I'm doing great. Well not so much. Last sale on this card was on March 9th for $10,000. So I could have 10x my money if I would have just held it for a couple months longer. Again, hindsight's always 20/20, but I had no idea the population board was going to be so low on this particular card. I was just getting into the soccer card market so I thought if I 3x my money on a guy, that would be a great sale, and it was, but obviously I could have done a little bit better. I could have had a little more, 7k more, in my pocket.

Again, you're never going to time the market perfectly, it's just impossible. If you can make some good money, move on from a card if that's what you choose to do. I would do it. Again, you're never going to time the market perfectly. This is also available in other refractor color parallels including a gold and an autographed version too. I mean those have got to be so sweet. I've seen the gold one. That is absolutely phenomenal. Very expensive card, all right.


Number one on this list is what I would consider to be his true rookie card, or as our European counterparts would like to call it, his true rookie sticker. I would probably agree to say that this was probably a more of a sticker than a card. That's the 2019 Panini Bundesliga - card number 32. This set is distributed in Austria. So it doesn't necessarily make it harder to get. I think it makes it a little harder for us in America to get. So if you're looking to buy this card ungraded and you see it in Austria, that's okay, don't flip out all right. That's where this set was distributed and that's probably where you're going to find most of this particular card. If you ever get it in person these stickers are also very flimsy and they're smaller than our kind of standard cards. It's very hard to get them into the card savers to send them off to PSA. I had to kind of finagle them in there, so it takes a little bit of work to get in there, but they're very small and very flimsy. So just be careful when you're trying to get them into your card savers to send them off there to PSA.

There are actually three versions of this card. I was on blowout cards forum which is a great forum for you to do some research on cards and @goldenballrookies on Instagram was saying that there are three versions of this card. The first is found in the first run of packs. It's got the white chevrons on the left side. Those are those lines that you see and they fade as you go down. It's a clear image. The back is gray.

Version number two is the white chevron's coming all the way down there but it's got poor image quality and the back is actually a dark gray.

Version number three comes from a second round of packs in generic white boxes. It's the same image as version number one, but a bit darker and the back is dark like version number two.

So hopefully you got all that. Rewind it if you want to go ahead and listen to that again. You can also find all the information out there on blowout card forums. The PSA 10 population report on this one is 74, and the last sale was on March 15th for $9,000 which is cheaper than that refractor. I think this is the long play term for Haaland, is this particular sticker right here. I really think so just because it's completely different than all the other cards that are out there. It's a different size. It's a different feel to it. So I think this is going to be the big long-term play.

Again, some of these other ones are very expensive. People really like that sapphire one and of course the refractor from the Topps Chrome, but if I were picking up something I would be picking up this Bundesliga card number 32. I really like this one and again it's just something different to have in your collection. I actually have one right now at PSA that's been there for going on a year now. I have no idea what the grade is, I don't think it's going to be 10 if I remember what it looked like. I think it was a little off center, but I'm very curious to see what grade I get on that one when and if I do get it back.

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Troy LaPeyrollerie
Troy LaPeyrollerie

February 21, 2022

I have a PSA grade Gem MT 10, 2020 Merlin Chrome, Atomic Refractor, #65
From what I can ascertain online, it is a pop 1. What do think the value might be on this card?

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