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TOP 5 Hank Aaron Autographed Items For YOUR Collection (Affordable!)

June 28, 2021 5 min read

TOP 5 Hank Aaron Autographed Items For YOUR Collection (Affordable!)

So a few weeks ago I did a video on my top 5 Willie Mays autographed items that you have to have in your collection and of course when you think about Willie Mays I always think about Hank Aaron, and Hank Aaron is just an absolute icon in the baseball memorabilia industry. Let me just run off some stats for you here real quick. 25 time All Star. He was in more All Star games than many of you have been alive. It's just incredible. I mean jeez it's amazing. I didn't know he played that many years. Just absolutely incredible. 1957 World Series champion. 57 NL MVP and of course 1882 Hall of Fame member and of course what he's most known for is hitting 755 home runs, which many still considered to be the homerun record, but that's an entire other video.

So obviously Hank Aaron is something that you want to have in your collection if you are a baseball fan. What would you get? What should you get? What should you maybe stay away from? Hank is actually still signing, he just recently did one in 2019 which is quite surprising. Autograph pricing is pretty expensive though. It looks like it was about $400 for an autographed baseball last I checked so not too terrible but not cheap by any means. Of course Hank won't be signing forever just like all of us and at the time of this video he's 86 years old, so if you are thinking about getting something for Hank Aaron, now is the time to do it.

So let's just go ahead and jump on into this list. Number five and this is a dual signed baseball with the guy I just previously mentioned, Mr. Willie Mays. These guys are two of the most important Hall of Famers I think of. Both 500 homerun Club members. Mays hit 660 and Hank of course hit 705. Mays isn't signing anymore. I actually just saw one of these baseball's dual signed with Hank and Willie for 350 dollars with JSA certification. I mean that is an absolute steal right now. So if you can find something dual signed with Willie Mays that is going to be an iconic piece in your collection. Again, Mays is not signing anymore and Hank is just a super-expensive autograph. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hank doesn't sign anymore either so if you can get something dual signed by Mays and Hank definitely do that.

Number four is just a staple for every autograph collector and that is just your standard Major League Baseball. Every collector absolutely has to have one and here's why autographed baseballs are so perfect for collections. Number one they're easy to display. Very small, all you got to do is get a $2.00 UV protective case for it and you're good to go. They tend to be on the more affordable autograph sides so they're not premium autographs. Baseballs aren't very expensive to buy, they hold a nice big autograph, and it's what most collectors want in their collection. So it's a very popular item. If you ever need to sell an autographed baseball from Hank Aaron you should have no problem doing that assuming you price it right, and you use just a standard major league baseball but you really can't go wrong with that. It's just something that everybody needs to have in their collection.

Number three and this is the Mitchell and Ness signed throwback jersey. This is not the current style majestic. You want to get something that Hank actually wore and of that kind of similar style. These are very expensive. This is the most expensive item on this list. They're running about $900 or so right now. Make sure you're getting an officially licensed one, don't get none of that China stuff, make sure you get a nice quality Jersey. This is Hank Aaron we're talking about. This is Hank Aaron okay, get a real jersey. Hank Aaron is one of those guys who it's really hard to find people who really dislike them. You put them up on your wall, everybody knows that Hank Aaron was the homerun king, and again many still consider him to be the homerun king. So having the homerun king of baseball on your wall, that just makes sense. Now of course $900 is just for the unframed jersey. You're gonna have to get it framed on top of that, but that's gonna be $300 or so. So $1,200 for a hank Aaron signed Jersey. I mean that's only gonna be going up in value. Lots of room for that one. I can see that Jersey being $2,000 plus here in the next four or five years.

Number two and this is the only photo on this list and it's the famous image of him hitting his 715th homerun to overtake Babe Ruth as baseball's all-time homerun king. Now I'm usually not a huge fan of photos. You've heard me talk about that before but I do like iconic images, but this happens to not be one of my favorite iconic images. For me it's just taken too far back behind the home plate. It just doesn't do it for me. I don't know why but again it's still a very iconic image in baseball so if you're looking for a 715 home run shot for Hank they're very affordable right now. I just saw some with JSA certification for $125 for an 8 by 10. $125 for Hank Aaron and that's just incredible. A little side story - ironically the part of the fence that he actually hit the homerun over is actually still standing. I did not know that, so that's kind of a cool piece of knowledge about the 715 homerun, but again you may really like this image. It's just not for me but again iconic image, probably a top 10 baseball image of all time, so definitely want to add to your collection.

Without further ado number one on this list is another autographed baseball but this one is with the 755 inscription. These are the ones that Hank writes 755 on. Of course 755 is for the amount of homeruns that he hit and these are an absolute steal right now. If I thought I could sell these really quick I would buy all of them. I just I don't know if there's much room for me in this but I think for collectors for you guys this is an absolute steal right now. $350, I just saw one with a JSA certification, looked like they had a little bit of bleeding to it which maybe were the reason for the price, but for that price with the inscription I just mentioned. Just signed baseballs were going for $400 without the inscription so that's an absolute steal right there. I would be picking those up left and right if I was a collector. Again $350 for a baseball with an inscription from Hank Aaron, that is absolutely iconic, you're getting the best item for collectable baseballs and you're getting probably one of the most iconic inscriptions for any player with the 755.

So that's my top 5 list for you guys. I try to keep it real simple. Again autographed baseballs are always the way to go if you're ever uncertain about what to get for a baseball player.

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