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Top 5 PATRICK MAHOMES Autographs + What His 10 Year Contract Means For Collectors!

June 28, 2021 8 min read

Top 5 PATRICK MAHOMES Autographs + What His 10 Year Contract Means For Collectors!

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So it is July 2020 here and Patrick Mahomes just signed a contract that I didn't know that the Chiefs could give. This is a 503 million dollar contract, it's worth up to that. I didn't even know we had 500 million dollars here in Kansas City but apparently we do. We're gonna either find it or we're gonna print it or something. So it's the largest contract in sports history and let's go through this contract so I can give you kind of the scope of what actually is going into this deal. It's just absolutely incredible. He's going to be making 50.3 million dollars a year, $137,000 a day.  That's incredible. $5,742 an hour. $96 a minute and a $1.60 per second. So that means by basically the end of this video he's gonna be making what most people probably make in a month, which is just absolutely incredible. Kansas City absolutely had to do this deal. If you didn't give this deal to Patrick Mahomes and he walked and he went to another team you would be kicking yourself, even if he doesn't want another Super Bowl, at least you gave yourself the best chance to do it. So they definitely had to do that deal. Of course signing this large contract has got everybody's attention on Patrick Mahomes and his autographs and sports memorabilia, and people will be buying this stuff up left and right.

So this is what this video is about. What are your top five autographed items that you should consider, and at the end of the video I'll give you a bonus item that you should definitely consider looking into and familiarizing yourself with. So before we get started here let's talk about authentication like we always do. With Patrick Mahomes there are really two of my favorite authentications to get with him and these are the ones that you should be looking for.

So number one is a JSA witness authentication. I think they've witnessed all of his paid private signings if I'm not mistaken so anything with a JSA witness certificate of authenticity is good to go and then another solid one would be Fanatics authentic anything with their certificate of authenticity is going to be good as well. So definitely want to be focusing on that with Patrick Mahomes’ premium items. You don't want to waste your money on an 8 by 10 photo okay, that's not gonna appreciate over time, but definitely stick into those premium items and that's what you're gonna see the majority of on this list.

So let's go ahead and jump right into it. Let's start off with number 5. It's gonna be the Super Bowl trophy 16 by 20 photo. Again this is going to be an iconic image for Patrick Mahomes. It's the one with the confetti falling. It's gonna be obviously his first Super Bowl, he was Super Bowl MVP, and these are fairly affordable. You're looking at about $350 for one that's JSA witness authenticated and you can add framing to it for roughly about a $100, so you're looking at about $450 to $500 all in on it. Very affordable autograph for something that's gonna be sitting on your wall that's gonna look super good, and again stay away from eight-by-tens or smaller, it's not that much more to get a 16 by 20. Probably about 10 - 15 dollars plus a little bit extra cost on the framing, and a 16 by 20 on your wall would just look so much better than the tiny little 8 by 10.

Number four is gonna be a Super Bowl 54 football. These do the official footballs. It's got the Super Bowl 54 logo on their, full-sized football, these are very affordable. Right now you're looking at about $500 for this, that's a very good price. You can actually get ones that are inscribed Super Bowl MVP for about $800 which to me is actually a good deal because I think his inscription price is gonna be going pretty soon. My suggestion, definitely get the one with the inscriptions. Just like guys like Tom Brady, his inscription price has always gone up and they always get tougher and tougher at every signing. They get limited and limited because everybody wants them and they don't give them to everybody, so if you can find one with a nice inscription on there definitely the way to go on the Super Bowl football. It's easy to display and probably one of the least expensive premium items you're gonna find.

Number three is gonna be a Chiefs full size helmet. With Mahomes you want to get the authentic helmets. You don't want to do any replica helmets, it just doesn't make any sense. It's already so expensive. Get the real deal. Personally I would get the speed helmet. If you don't know what the speed helmet is it's got the little holes on the top of the helmet versus one that's just flat. I wouldn't get the flat one, he doesn't wear that, he wears a speed style helmet. Another one that you can get and should strongly consider is the speed flex. Now it's not an exact style that he wears, but these are very popular with collectors. It's probably as close to an on-field authentic helmet as you could get. A lot of players wear this B flex type helmet. These typically run $1,500+ just for the autograph on the helmet and you can find one with Super Bowl MVP inscription for probably $2,000+. So we're getting pretty pricey there but again, like I said, these are highly sought after by collectors and this is as close to on-field authentic as you can get at this time.

Number two is going to be a Chiefs jersey, and we're talking about the Nike jerseys. You're gonna see two different styles of jerseys out there that Mahomes signed. They've got the custom branded jerseys which is just basically a red or a white jersey, it's got no logos on there, it's sewn on numbers, so that's nice but it's a cheap twenty dollar Philippines jersey. It's not an officially licensed NFL jersey. If you're gonna get Patrick Mahomes, just like if you're gonna get Tom Brady, and get the real deal jersey. Spend the extra hundred to two hundred dollars to get the real deal. If you own that jersey for twenty years I mean what we are talking about here, we're talking about a few bucks a year to get the actual real jersey. So get the real jersey. You'll appreciate the quality a lot better and it's really not that much more. You're looking for the Nike game jerseys, which are the screen printed version that Nike makes. You're looking at, for those, $600 so not too terrible. There are two other styles of jerseys that Nike makes, the next level up is the limited and that is a very similar one to the game one but it has sewn on numbers. Those run about $700 and then you've also got the leap jersey which is as close to the on field jersey as you are gonna get. Same thing, sewn on numbers, those can run a $1,000+ and they're pretty tough to get. There's a long turnaround time for those. You can get a custom one made but those are really cool too. Again you can find these with inscriptions too if you want a Super Bowl MVP, that's definitely the way to go, but please do yourself a favor and get an officially licensed jersey okay. Don't be a cheapskate and get one of those custom ones. Get a real-deal jersey all right.

My number one item to have for Patrick Mahomes is really any specialty or custom helmet. Let me tell you what I mean by that. Rydell has been making these for the last few years. You've got the Eclipse style helmet, you've got the white mat helmet, there was also a black mat helmet, and there was the blaze helmet that was a few years back. These helmets, I don't think are going to be made forever. There's less of them that have been signed. They look absolutely stunning and yes collectors prefer the standard Chiefs helmet, don't get me wrong, that's still probably the most popular item, but if you're talking about for collectors and looking for something to possibly sell down the future the custom specialty helmet are the way to go. You can also find custom helmets too which basically people just take a standard Chiefs helmet and they customize it with a unique visor or they put decals on it or they paint it a different color. Those are definitely the way to go. So if you can find a nice custom helmet or one of these specialty helmets that is what I would suggest doing. I just think helmets are gonna be the way to go in the future because of the customization. You can customize them, you can't really customize the jerseys all that much, so I think the helmets are gonna be holding their value probably a lot more than the jerseys are. Plus you'll have to get the jerseys framed. You can get a cheap custom case for the helmet or not get a case and I think that's definitely gonna be the way to go are these custom specialty helmets.

So bonus item for you! This one is one that you are going to want to take a look at. I'm gonna tell you why in just a second. If you are not familiar with the card market yet because you're not into trading cards or you're not familiar with the Patrick Mahomes card market, it is about as hot as really any player out there. Let me give you some statistics. Let's talk about his Panini Prizm Silver card okay. If you're not familiar with that market, Panini is basically the number one player when it comes to basketball and football as far as the card markets go. Prizm is the most popular style of card that they make and the silver is kind of the best style of the Prizm. It's the most sought-after. This card went, in three months, from $1,450 to $4,100. Think about that. $1,450 to $4,100 okay? Where else you can get your money back like that? This data came from Market Movers. You guys should check them out. They have a great software program for trading cards and stuff like this. To be able to see data like this so absolutely incredible. I mean your financial adviser is just not gonna be able to get you those returns. Now the market could go down, it could go way up. I happen to think that the Mahomes market is just continuing to go up here. You may have missed the boat on a couple of these rookie cards but there are still some other decently affordable ones like the 2017 Select.

So take your time, learn a little bit about the card market if you can, and if you're interested in it make a play for it. Pick up some cards, try them out. It's like I said, Mahomes cards, it just seems like all of them are just going up and up and up.

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