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Top 5 Hank Aaron Autographed Items To Have in Your Collection

July 10, 2020 2 min read

Top 5 Hank Aaron Autographed Items To Have in Your Collection

Hank Aaron really needs no introduction, but for those of us who never saw him play, let's do a quick run down of his stats.

25 x All-Star, 1957 World Series Champion and NL MVP, 1982 Hall of Fame inductee, and he hit 755 Home Runs!


While Barry Bonds did technically hit more home runs than Aaron, many still consider Hank to be the home run king due to Bonds alleged connection to steroids.

If you are a baseball fan, Aaron is an autograph you have to have in your collection.  No way around it.  He is such a huge part of baseball history.

With that being said, what autographed item do you get of his?  Here are my top 5.

#5 Anything dual-signed with Willie Mays

2 of the most important Hall of Fame players of all-time.  Why?  Both played in the negro leagues and are part of the exclusive 600 home run club.

hank aaron and willie mays autographed baseball

In July 2020 I saw a dual signed baseball of theirs for $350!  Quite a steal if you ask me considering Hank was charging almost $400 to sign a baseball in 2019 and Mays has all but stopped signing.

If you can find really anything dual signed by both of them and authenticated by JSA, PSA, or Beckett, go for it.

#4 MLB signed baseball

This is the staple of every autograph collectors collection.  Small, easy to display, and one of the more affordable autographs on any player.  JSA authenticated baseballs in July of 2020 run about $175.  A very good price for Hank.

hank aaron autographed jersey

#3 Braves signed Mitchell and Ness jersey

The most expensive item on this list.  They tend to cost $1,000 +.  Aaron is considered the home run king by many.  Having the home run king's signed jersey on your wall just makes sense.

Be sure and get the officially licensed Mitchell and Ness jersey, not a Majestic current style jersey.  Always good to have a style of jersey the player actually wore.

#2 Famous photo of his 715th home run

This is the iconic image to get for Hank Aaron.  Taken from behind home plate, shows him hitting his 715th home run to pass Babe Ruth as the all-time home run king.

hank aaron autographed photo

A very affordable autograph right now.  I recently saw JSA authenticated 8x10s for $125!!!!  That's a steal!

#1 Signed baseball with 755 home run inscription

This is the inscription to get for Hank Aaron.  As we have discussed, he is best known for hitting 755 home runs.  Getting the most popular collector item (a signed baseball) with his best inscription (755) is a no-brainer.  

hank aaron autographed baseball 755

In July 2020 I saw a few selling for $350 with JSA COA!  That is the best deal on the market right there considering he was charging almost $400 just for the autograph at his last signing!

I hope that helps you add the perfect Hank Aaron autographed item to your collection.  Of course, there are many other options, but these are my favorite and most popular items of his.

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