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July 23, 2020 2 min read


Announced in July 2020, The Washington Redskins are changing their nickname.  What does this mean for their memorabilia market?  Also, what other team might this affect?  Let’s find out.

This is not a post about whether this is right or wrong.  I have no opinion on this.  This is strictly about how this affects their memorabilia market and possibly how this might affect another team’s memorabilia market in the future.

Amazingly some online platforms have even begun banning items with the Washington Redskins name.  Keep in mind, selling these items in the future may become difficult. 

However, this is about you the collector and how this affects you.

Any officially licensed item with the Redskins logo seems to have gone up 1000% overnight.  Recently I saw a mini helmet not even signed with bids up to $250!  Pure craziness!  Why is this happening?  Obviously, nothing with the Redskins trademarked logo will be made any more.  That's why.

With this recent news what types of items should you be picking up as a collector?

washington redskins blaze helmet

#1 Full Size helmets.  I would try and find as many of the specialty ones as I could.  White matte.  Eclipse.  Blaze.  AMP. Whatever you like, buy that.  These are going to be worth a fortune in the future.  Even buying them signed and wiping the signature clean if you want to.  Won’t be 100% perfect, but better than nothing.

#2 Mini helmets.  Any Redskins mini will work.  Again, prefer the specialty ones.  But those throwback ones are way cool to get some of the older Redskins on.

#3 Licensed photos.  Images are becoming tougher and tougher to find since PhotoFile closed down.  PhotoFile was the largest supplier of licensed sports photos and they closed a few months back.

doug williams signed redskins photo

#4 Licensed Nike or Reebok jerseys.  Last on this list simply because the Redskins have kind of a boring jersey so a custom, non-branded jersey looks about the same. 

What other team might this affect?

You guessed it, the Kansas City Chiefs.  Whether this happens I do not know, but it is going to be a topic for sure.

Given that Patrick Mahomes just won a Super Bowl title with the Chiefs, it may be the last Super Bowl win for a team named the Kansas City Chiefs. 

I just did a video on my Top 5 Patrick Mahomes autographs you should have in your collection so be sure to check that out below.

What would I be stock piling on the Chiefs?  Same stuff as the Redskins items with a big emphasis on the specialty full size helmets.

kansas city chiefs framed super bowl 54 star newspaper

Another item to consider is the Kansas City Star framed original front page newspaper from the day after their Super Bowl win.  These are going to be iconic (they already are) since newspapers are fading fast.  With this being potentially the last Super Bowl win ever for a Kansas City Chiefs team and Patrick Mahomes the Super Bowl MVP and on the cover, these are going to be highly collectible.  Have these framed for $149.

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