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Top 5 LeBron James Autographed Items You MUST Have in Your Collection

June 08, 2020 3 min read

Top 5 LeBron James Autographed Items You MUST Have in Your Collection

With the 2020 NBA season finally returning in July, LeBron James is trying to get his 1st title with the Los Angeles Lakers. This would be his 4th overall title after winning 2 with the Miami Heat and 1 with the Cleveland Cavaliers,

If he wins another title expect his autograph price to go up even more than it is now.  With that being said, LeBron is a VERY expensive autograph right now. If looking to add him to your collection expect to spend some serious change.

Before buying your 1st LeBron James autograph we need to talk about authentication.

ALWAYS ALWAYS buy LeBron James Upper Deck Authenticated (UDA) autographs.  They have been his long time exclusive memorabilia proivider.

Lebron james upper deck authenticated uda coa

Do not waste your time with anything else.  LeBron does not sign for free in person.  If you are not getting your autograph from UDA you are not getting an authentic autograph.  Period.

The UDA hologram # on your item should be in the UDA database and come with a matching UDA card that has the same # on it.  If not in the UDA database, I suggest you not buy it.

With LeBron the key is finding limited edition items.  Those tend to hold and increase their value the quickest.  Any of these items below can be found in some limited edition capacity.

Where should you buy these items?  Might be best to bite the bullet and buy from UDA.  However, you can find better deals sometimes on auction houses or LeBron James collector Facebook groups.  That’s probably where I would start.  Cheapest option and you get to talk directly to the seller.

Now that we got that out of the way, what should you get?  Let’s jump into the list.

#5 Dual-Signed NBA Basketball with Dwyane Wade

lebron james dwyane wade signed basketball

Usually I am not a huge fan of dual-signed items, but LeBron and Wade went together so well.  Both Hall of Fame players.  Legendary teams in Miami.  If you are a Lebron and Maimi Heat fan this is a no brainer.  Price tag: 5K

#4 Standard NBA Basketball

lebron james autographed basketball

Huge fan of NBA balls.  Super easy to display.  Usually the cheapest premium autograph available.  Item allows for a huge signature.  They also don’t tend to fade as bad as maybe a jersey.  Don’t have to get it framed.  Can also add other signatures later.  Lots of positives. Price tag: 4K

#3 Miami Heat Jersey

lebron james autographed heat jersey

LeBron won 2 championships with them.  Iconic teams with Dwyane Wade.  Jerseys are most sought after by collectors.  Tend to hold value very well.  You do have to get them framed, so there will be an extra cost associated with getting the jersey.  LeBron is a top 5 NBA player of all-time and worth being on your wall. Price tag: 6K with NBA Finals patches

#2 Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey

lebron james autographed cavaliers jersey

Will most be remembered for his time with the Cavs.  Played 13 years with them.  Brought them a championship that will forever be remember in Cleveland.  Home town guy from Akron.   Just makes sense to have this jersey.  Price tag: 5K

#1 We Are All Witness Photo

Shocked I am putting this here as I am not a huge fan of photos.  However, the "We are all Witness" ad campaign has been tied to LeBron for a long time.

lebron james autographed we are all witness chalk photo

Every fan loves to see him toss the chalk up in the air before a game.  This is just an iconic LeBron image.  Imaging how great this would look on your wall framed?  Some do come in limited edition pieces which range from 13-20k.  Again, this is just the iconic LeBron image, similar to the 1988 Gatorade Slam Dunk one for Michael Jordan.  Price tag: 3K for a non limited edition

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