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June 04, 2020 2 min read 5 Comments


Willie Mays is an iconic baseball player.  I don't have to tell you that.  But let's run through some quick stats.

24 x All-Star, 12 x Gold Glove winner, 2  NL MVP, 1979 Hall of Fame, and a World Series Champion.

Not to mention he hit 660 home runs.

As of this writing, Mays is 89 years old and of course has stopped signing autographs.  Very few authentic autographs remain.

So we know Mays is a great player and an autograph that needs to be in our collection.

What do we get signed?

1st, let's talk authentication.  Authenticity when it comes to autographs is paramount.

When shopping for your Willie Mays autograph you may notice items that have this "SAY HEY" hologram on there.  example of Willie Mays Say Hey hologram

Sounds legit right?  It is Willie Mays' personal authenticity hologram.  Has to be real!

Slow down there.  Many of these holograms have been copied and the autographs are not real in my opinion.  Who sells an authentic Willie Mays signed photo for $50?  That should be your big red flag right there.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from autographs with the Say Hey hologram.

My suggestion is to buy items without the Say Hey hologram (not with, but without), that are authenticated by JSA, PSA/DNA, or Beckett Authentication (BAS), preferably recently.

willie mays autographed photo

One other thing to note, but the Mays style autograph that has a ton of "flair" to it.  Meaning it isn't short and block style like those Mays Say Hey hologram items.  Should have a nice big W and a big M with lots of movement and no consistency.

Now that we got that out of the way, what should you get?

Stick to autographed baseballs.  This is the most popular item among baseball collectors, tend to be rather inexpensive, and do not take up much space.  Very easy to display.

"The Catch" photo is probably Mays' most popular item to get signed, but 99% of these have that Say Hey hologram.  Last I checked a legit one of these had a $400 asking price.  

willie mays autographed the catch photo

Don't sleep on the other high quality photos of Mays either.  There are iconic images with Mickey Mantle and other Hall of Fame players available.

Bats and jerseys are also highly sought after but carry a hefty price tag ($1500 + for jerseys).  If getting a jersey, be sure it is an officially licensed one.  No point in getting one of baseball's best players on a cheap custom jersey.

If you have questions on Mays feel free to reach out.  

5 Responses

beau betbeze
beau betbeze

February 21, 2022

I have willie mays autograph from 1963 ,along with some of his team mates and Alvin dark. At a game between the Giants and the Colts.
It was the last year of the Houston colts. I know it is authentic because he wrote it in front of me in person in my autograph book.
Just wondering what that would be worth? I also had Jennie Finch sign on the same page a couple of years ago. She lives local here now. Also have some of the Colts players from that game also.

beau betbeze
beau betbeze

February 21, 2022

I have the whole teams auto graph and the Houston team from 1962 game in Houston. Willies and Alvin Dark.


October 20, 2021

Hi, any comments on Willie Mays 8×10 autographed photos that have a Photo File Inc. stamping on the back side, claiming signature authenticity? Had a PSA quick opinion on one item come back as likely genuine. Tried digging around online to see people’s comments on these Mays photos from Photo File, but haven’t seen much mention of them. Thanks in advance.


April 27, 2021

Jim L. I am looking for a Willie Mays jersey. Let me know if selling any of your fathers’.
Thank you.

Jim L
Jim L

October 19, 2020

My father was an avid collector. He passed in March and I have been left to srt through, keep/invest, or liquidate much of his memorabilia collection. He had amassed 9 Mays Autographed jerseys, a signed ball, and a signed bat all with the “Say Hey” hologram only. No further JSA-type authentication. How can I get these items looked at to add further authentication support, or confirm they may be fakes? Of note, 99% of his remaining collection has been validated quite easily.

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