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TOP 5 Lebron James Autographs WORTH YOUR MONEY!

June 09, 2021 6 min read 2 Comments

TOP 5 Lebron James Autographs WORTH YOUR MONEY!

So with the NBA recently announcing they're going to be starting their season up again in July of 2020 after this short little coronavirus break, it got me thinking, LeBron is gonna be making another run at an NBA title. His first with the Lakers. He's got Anthony Davis, so they've got a really stacked team and it got me thinking, “What would be the top five autographed items to have in your collection from LeBron James?”

Now with that being said, LeBron is a very expensive autograph. Make you no qualms about it. No joke about it. The guy is deserving of it but he is very expensive. If he is to win a title here with the Lakers, obviously Los Angeles is a huge market, expect his autograph prices to be going up and up and up. That being said let's talk about a few things here before we get into this list.

Number one as I mentioned on my previous video about my top 5 Michael Jordan autograph items, authenticity is paramount when it comes to LeBron James. LeBron has signed also with the same company that Jordan has, Upper Deck Authenticated. All of LeBron James’ autographs out there are gonna be Upper Deck authenticated. Do not buy anything off of Facebook marketplace or any of these other places that does not come with Upper Deck authentication. It should have Upper Deck’s hologram on the item and should have the same hologram number on their certificate of authenticity and that item should be in their online database. If it's not in the online database you got some issues. If anything looks tampered with you've got some issues. Make sure that you are buying something Upper Deck authenticated! I’ll say that again, buy authenticated LeBron James autographs. Got it? Good.

All right, so moving on here with LeBron items. The key with him is to find limited edition items. These are very prevalent out there. They're very expensive but they are the ones that tend to hold the most value and increase in value over time. Not to say only his limited edition items do well, non-limited items can too, but naturally supply and demand of these limited edition ones are the ones that collectors want and pretty much everything on this list that I'm gonna go through right now can be found in a limited edition aspect. So be sure to look for these items as limited edition ones.

Now where should you buy these items from? You could bite the bullet and buy from Upper Deck’s website. Fair warning, it is gonna be super expensive. You can find some good deals on eBay. My advice is probably to find a Facebook group out there that has LeBron James collectors and see if you can find some deals with them. You're gonna be paying less on fees you're gonna pay dealing directly with the seller so you may actually find a nice little bargain that way, and you actually may feel more comfortable buying that way. You can get pictures of the certificate and do all your research before buying the item.

So let's go ahead and jump in to this list starting with number five, and this one is a dual signed basketball with Dwyane Wade. Now of course LeBron won two NBA titles with the Miami Heat. Dwyane Wade is a future NBA Hall-of-Famer, so is LeBron. These guys had some iconic teams there with the Miami Heat. These guys were just absolutely unstoppable it seemed, like with Chris Bosh, and of course don't forget about my boy Mario Chalmers hitting that shot from Kansas. So they had some really good quality teams. Yeah I'm not a huge fan of dual sign items typically, but this was the duo that was responsible for bringing all those championships to Miami, and again they're both Hall-of-Famers. Both very popular players and if you're a LeBron and Miami fan this is an excellent item. It's actually probably one of your more affordable autographs for LeBron. Looks like it's going for about $5,000 through the Upper Deck website, so again expensive item, but you’ve got two Hall-of-Famers on there. Basketballs I'm a big fan of. Those nice big autographs are easy to display and you can always add more signatures to them in the future.

Number four is a LeBron James standard authentic NBA basketball. Again going back to the previous comment, basketballs are super easy to display. They allow for a really nice large signature, a nice bold signature, and plus they don't really tend to fade over time as much as say an autographed jersey. Now that depends on a lot of factors. How you display, how much Sun is it getting, etc, etc. What kind of pen it’s signed in. Basketballs tend to hold up pretty well, and if you get them on the authentic balls these things are absolutely super cool. Easy to display. They can go right on your desk here and again one of the more affordable premium autographs. Premium being basketballs, jerseys, shoes, etc. These kind of tend to go for around $4,000 right now so again expensive but fairly affordable premium autograph for LeBron.

Number three is gonna be a Miami Heat Jersey. Now I know LeBron won two NBA titles there, more than he won with Cleveland, but the Miami Heat jersey is not going to be ahead of that one. Again, he played with an iconic team down there with Dwyane Wade. Jerseys are probably the most sought-after stuff for collectors. This is what collectors want for premium items. They want something on their walls of a top five NBA player. That's what LeBron is. These tend to hold their value very well. You do have to get them framed so that's something to keep in mind, you're gonna have to have an additional expense for that, but you put a LeBron James jersey on your wall I mean people are gonna be flocking to that. People are gonna know what it is, people are gonna want to look at it, it is gonna be probably the centerpiece of your collection, and those run typically right now with the NBA patch was about $6,000. So very expensive jersey.

Number 2 you may have guessed it right now is the Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey, and in my opinion LeBron will always go down as a Cleveland Cavalier. He played 13 seasons with them, brought a championship to Cleveland which is not an easy thing to do. He's gonna be definitely remembered for that championship. He's a local kid from Akron so it just makes sense to have this Jersey. He's gonna be known again as a Cleveland Cavalier, he's gonna be a Hall-of-Famer as well, and these run about $5,000 so actually a little bit less than the Heat years because they don't have those patches on there, but if you find some NBA finals patches you can always sew them onto your jersey.

Number one, this one I'm really shocked I put it as number one, and I'm not usually a huge photo guy, but this one just seems right. You probably know what I’m talking about. It is the Witness photo. You guys have maybe seen this with LeBron. You’ve seen him do this before every single game where he gets the chalk in his hands and he throws it up. It's a very iconic image similar to the 1988 Gatorade Slam Dunk one with Michael Jordan. It's you know tied in with the whole “We All Witness” campaign which is you know tied in exactly with a LeBron. It's what he's known for marketing wise and it's just an iconic supercool image and you can find these out there with different styles of the image in limited editions of like 23 and whatnot. Those limited edition ones just to keep in mind, those are super expensive. They range from about like $13,000 to about $20,000 I've seen depending on how low the limited edition number is. You're gonna have to get these things framed, but right now you can get a non-limited additional for about $3,000. So one of the cheaper autographs on here and you put this up there in the panoramic photo, so the real long photos there of him doing the chalk throw, it's just a super cool image. It's one that everybody's gonna relate to. Everybody remembers that LeBron does that before every single game. It's kind of what he's known for and it's just something that you're gonna put up on that wall and people are gonna be like, “Wow!” I can just stare at that for hours and hours and hours. Now keep in mind you're gonna have to get it framed, but getting a panoramic photo like that is nowhere near as expensive as getting the jersey framed. So very affordable to do that as well, but again I'm not a huge photo guy, but I'm just really drawn to this image. It is just such a cool one if you haven't had a chance, definitely go check out that Witness picture. Definitely something to add into your collection.

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June 22, 2024

What is your thoughts regarding signed copies of Lebron’s book, “Shooting Stars”? The signature is different than how he signs his other memorabilia. Is it worth purchasing a signed UDA witnessed copy, what is the going rate and will it hold its value going forward?

Diane Howard
Diane Howard

September 01, 2023

I have a work order from Spring Hill when they live there signed by his mother Gloria James is there any worth to that?

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