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Autographed Jersey - Best Location to Have it Signed?

February 21, 2018 1 min read

Tom Brady Autographed Patriots Jersey

Often I get asked by sports memorabiliacollectors, where is the best part of a jerseyto have it signed?  Well, that depends on a couple factors.

1.) What jersey # does the player wear?  If #1, always suggest getting signed from top to bottom going vertical of course.  If an odd shaped # like 3 or 4, best to get signed on the bottom of the 3 and middle of the 4.  Always trying to go left to right.

2.) How big is the player’s signature?  Larger signatures need to go on the largest part of the #.  For example, on the bottom part of a 3, not in the middle.

3.) Are you getting any inscriptions written by the player such as “Super Bowl Champs” or “To Mike.”  If they have 2 #s in their jersey, have them sign on the one to the left and inscribe on the one to the right.  Of course, only if the inscription can fit on the 2nd #.  For example, a player wearing 31, might be best to have him sign on top of 3 and inscribe on the bottom of the 3.  It would look weird to have a horizontal signature and a vertical inscription.

Lastly, what type of pen should be used in signing a jersey?  Always a paint pen.  This allows for the cleanest signature and the least amount of smudging.  Black or blue go well on a white #.  On a black or other dark #, silver.

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