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Game Used Autographed Sports Memorabilia Collecting Guide

February 21, 2018 2 min read 2 Comments

Buster Posey Autographed Game Used Bat


One of the most exciting things to collect are game usedsports memorabilia from your favorite athlete.  Actual items they used in a game!  Just think that Buster Posey’s foot was in those cleats you just bought or his hands were around that game used bat.  How cool!  To help you in this area of your collecting, we have put together a game used memorabilia collecting guide.


Buster Posey Autographed Game Used Bat

1.)    Game used and autographed items can be expensive as most are rare and one of a kind items.  So be prepared to spend money.

2.)    Game used items should be authenticated by one of the major authenticators such as Mears and PSA/DNA.  For baseball items, ones that are Major League Baseball (MLB) authenticated are preferred.  Also game used items from reputable companies such as Steiner Sports, Panini Authenticated, and Upper Deck are also acceptable.  Some items will come with letters of authenticity (LOA) direct from the player themselves stating they wore this item and autographing the letter.  Lastly, companies who have exclusive contracts with players will often give their own certificate of authenticity for a game used item.  For example, Lojo Sports represents Buster Posey and authenticates most of his game used items.  

3.)    The most desired game used items are from a particular game or year.  So a Michael Jordan jersey from the NBA Finals the year they won the title.  Or a Buster Posey bat from 2010 or 2012 (years they won the World Series).

4.)    Game used jerseys are the most sought after items for any sport.  For baseball game used bats and cleats are also highly collectible.  Basketball shoes and hockey sticks are high up there as well.


Buster Posey Autographed Game Used Baseball Cleats

5.)    Some game used items will not be autographed.  Keep in mind if you see an item that is not autographed but game used, you may have the opportunity to have it autographed by the player at a later date.  Some players when signing their game used items with write GU which stands for Game Used, or write out the entire phrase.  “Game Used 2013” for example.

6.)    Items may not be in pristine condition.  They are of course game used and may be torn or dirty and bats may be cracked.  A cracked bat is worth a bit less than a non-cracked bat.  But this is what makes collecting game used items so great, they have been used!

7.)    Always properly display your game used memorabilia.  You have spent some good money on it.  Make sure you frame all jerseys, put all bats and items in display cases behind UV glass.  Keep in a room temperature room and out of direct sunlight.

8.)    Always insure your collectibles especially game used items.  They are irreplaceable.

9.)    Enjoy!  Show off your sports memorabilia collection.  Post pictures on your Facebook page or Twitter account.  Send them to us!  We will show them off for you!

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John A. Mildner
John A. Mildner

July 25, 2018

Hey Matt,

I see you have a 2010 Posey GU bat… Is it still for sale ? What are you asking ?


John A. Mildner
John A. Mildner

July 12, 2018


I’m looking for a Posey GU batting helmet…


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