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Every Autograph Collector Should Have a Vin Scully Signed Baseball

January 12, 2018 1 min read 1 Comment

I am generally not a huge fan of collecting non-player baseball autographs.  Managers and commissioners signatures just don't get me excited.  However, there is one non-player autograph every baseball collector needs to have in their collection, Vin Scully.

He is arguably the most popular announcer of all-time and one of baseball's most recognizable radio voices.  From 1950-2016 he was the voice of the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers, but really the voice of baseball.  EVERY fan knew who he was.  Even opposing players loved him.  Almost seems impossible that any announcer would be with one team for 66 years.   Very unlikely to see that again.

Because of his age (90 at the start of 2018), Scully rarely signs autographs.  Physically challenging for him.  As a result, the price of his autograph has remained in the $500-$700 range for quality, authenticated (PSA,JSA, Beckett), signed baseballs.  Premium items such as bats and jerseys command $1,000 +.  

Vin Scully Signed Baseball - Powers Sports Memorabilia

Do yourself a big favor, save up some cash, sell some autographs, pick up another job.... do what you need to do to add a Scully autograph to your sports memorabiliacollection.  Every baseball fan that comes to your house or office to see your collection will gaze in amazement at his autographed memorabilia.

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Dennis Cooney
Dennis Cooney

May 02, 2023

I have a 1960 New York Yankee autographed baseball. My little league coach, who grew up in North Beach, San Francisco and played sand lot ball with the Dimaggio’s. In 1960 he and his brother were invited to New York and returned with 4 autographed balls. I had pitched a no hit game while they were gone, and they handed me one of the balls. Most of the players signed, including Bobby Richardson, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Yogi Berra Hector Lopez etc. what does it cost to authenticate?

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