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Top 5 Tom Brady Autographed Items (AND WHAT TO AVOID!)

August 17, 2020 4 min read 1 Comment

Top 5 Tom Brady Autographed Items (AND WHAT TO AVOID!)


With Tom Brady no longer on the New England Patriots and signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there has been additional interest in Tom Brady autographs. tom brady tampa bay

As we all know, Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game.  3 x league MVP, 6 x Super Bowl champ, 4 x Super Bowl MVP, future NFL Hall of Fame inductee.  His autograph is in high demand.

If you don’t know then I will tell you, his autograph is expensive and rightfully so. His premium items such as signed jerseys and helmets fetch over $1,000.

Before we talk about what to get and what not to get, let’s talk about authenticity as we always do.

ALL Tom Brady autographs you buy should be TRISTAR authenticated.  They have represented Tom for autograph signings since humans were living in caves.  ALWAYS buy Tom Brady autographs with a TRISTAR #’d hologram on the item.  ALWAYS.

Keep in mind, in 2019 TRISTAR did change the layout of the hologram to one with a QR code on it.  So those will look different than 2018 and previous years holograms.

When buying your Tom Brady autograph, double check to make sure the # is in the TRISTARonline database and always study the autograph.  Make sure the autograph looks like all the other Tom Brady TRISTAR authenticated items.  tristar authenticated coa hologramHolograms are just that, holograms.  Fakes can be made.  So be sure and do your homework before buying.  When in doubt, buy direct from the source.

Now that we got that out of the way, what items should you NOT buy of Tom Brady?

I wouldn’t purchase any mini helmets.  His autograph price is so expensive to begin with, it isn’t that much more to get a premium item like a signed full size helmet.

8x10 photos are also on this list.  Too small for such an expensive autograph.  If getting a photo, go with a 16x20.  tom brady signed photo

Items with outdated inscriptions.  You will see items with 3 x SB MVP, 5 x SB tom brady signed patriots helmet CHAMP out there.  Those are obviously out dated since he has won more Super Bowls and won more MVP awards since then.  Don’t buy those.  Remember the rule is when getting inscriptions on current players, don’t get ones that can change. 

White panel footballs.  Autograph will fade rather quickly.  I wouldn't get one of these under any circumstance. tom brady autographed michigan football

Tampa Bay items.  Unless you are an absolutely die hard Bucs fan these are  a no go.  Bucs and Pats items are going to cost the same at the 1st signing he does as a member of the Bucs.  Which one do you think is going to have more value over time?  That’s right, the Patriots stuff.

OK, let’s jump into this list of my top 5 autographed Tom Brady items you SHOULD have in your collection.

#5 Any premium University of Michigan item.  Talking helmets and jerseys.  tom brady autographed michigan jerseyThe new Jordan Brand jerseys are really cool.  Michiganis such a historic program, any Brady item from Michigan tends to hold its value very well.  Full size authentic helmets run $1300 and jerseys around $1900.

#4 Super Bowl signed footballs.  Preferably ones of his 1st or last Super Bowl tom brady autographed patriots football win.  These are just like the World Series signed baseballs.  Always highly collectible and sought after.  Holds a nice big and bold signature too.  These run about $1400 depending on the year and if any inscriptions.

#3 Standard Patriots full size helmet.  Another staple of the autograph tom brady autographed patriots helmetindustry.  Be sure and get an authentic one.  Rule is when you spend more on the autograph than the helmet, get an authentic one.  These run about $1600.

#2 Patriots signed Nike jersey.  If you can, get a Nike Elite one.  But if not tom brady autographed patriots nike jerseyavailable, a  Nike Limited is a great option.  These are both sewn on #s.  I would stay away from the Nike Game version, which has screen printed #s.  Brady deserves to go on a sewn on #.  Autograph has a better chance of lasting a long time too.  I would stay away from any Brady jersey on a knockoff or custom jersey.  These haven’t been signed at his signings for numerous years now.  Especially the knockoffs.  There were a few custom Michigan jerseys done in the past, but never Patriots.  Some very cool custom Serra High School jerseys out there too.  I’ve had plenty of those in the past.  Brady and I graduated from the same high school, so I’ve always loved having those.

#1 Any Patriots custom or specialty helmet.  As I mentioned in my Patrick Mahomes top 5 video, I think custom helmets (ones with unique painting, tom brady autographed patriots blaze helmetdecals, visors, etc) or the licensed specialty helmets (blaze, eclipse, amp, white matte, speedflex etc) are going to hold more value than any other item simply because there are less out there and they can be customized.  The previous items I have mentioned really cannot.  These will be expensive, easily $2,000 or more.

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jeffrey lerner
jeffrey lerner

July 29, 2023

While I agree that Tristar has represented Brady for about 20+ years, it is my understanding that Gridiron Authentics represented Brady for the first few years of his career. Please look into this as I would like to know the truth

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